The Eaters of Light




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First Appearance:

The Eaters of Light

Latest Appearance:

The Eaters of Light

Main Actor:

Rebecca Benson


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Their work is robbery, slaughter and plunder, they do that work and call it empire…

For centuries, generations of Picts have protected an ancient secret at the heart of a hillside in the Scottish lowlands. They have been ancient and noble gatekeepers, defending this world from a monster too terrifying and dangerous to be allowed to escape. Now in 120 AD, 17-year-old Kar is one of the few survivors of a massacre at the hands of the Ninth Roman Legion.

Seeing her community slaughtered around her, Kar has resorted to a desperate plan – she has allowed an ancient beast, ‘the Eater of Light’, to break through an dimension portal in the hope that it will annihilate her enemy. Kar anticipated that if she let it loose, the beast and the Romans would destroy each other and the village would be saved. But her gamble has had unexpected consequences. The creature was more powerful than she thought, and was not alone….

Kar is now angry, vulnerable and scared – who can she turn to now that all the elders are dead and the beast is free? Kar feels a failure and a fool for allowing herself to be blinded to the dangers of failing to guard the portal as her ancestors had. But with the arrival of the Doctor, Kar now knows more about her ‘beast’ than ever before. How now to stop an entire swarm of the creatures coming through and consuming the sun?

Kar must learn to put aside her deep hatred of Romans and work together to drive the beast back through the portal, so that someone can follow it through and prevent any further incursions. Despite The Doctor’s protestations, brave Kar stands up to her destiny and ultimately decides to sacrifice herself in order to keep her brother, and all future generations, safe.

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