Doctor Who and the Ice Warriors

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The Ice Warriors The Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors


Pages 144
ISBN 0-426-10866-3
Publication Date 18 March 1976

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1976 Target Books edition

The world is held in the grip of a second Ice Age, and faces total destruction from the rapidly advancing glaciers.

DOCTOR WHO, with Victoria and Jamie, lands at a top scientific base in England, where they have just unearthed an ancient ICE WARRIOR. Aliens from Mars, preserved in the ice for centuries and now revitalised, the Ice Warriors feel ready to take over…

Can The Doctor overcome these warlike Martians and halt the relentless approach of the ice glaciers…?

2012 BBC Books edition

Varga struck the fractured ice with his great fist. He faced his comrades bodly and barked a command at their lifeless forms: “Awake from the dead!”

The world is in the grip of a second Ice Age. Despite a coordinated global effort, the glaciers still advance. But they are not the only threat to the planet.

Buried deep in the ice, scientists at Brittanicus Base have discovered an ancient warrior. But this is no simple archaeological find. What they have found is the commanderof a spaceship that crashed in the glacier thousands of years ago. Thawed from the ice, and knowing their home Mars is a dead world, the Ice Warriors decide to mare Earth their own…

Can The Doctor and his friends overcome the warlike Martians and halt the advance of the glaciers?

This novel is based on a Doctor Who story which was originally broadcast from 11 November to 16 December 1967. This was the first Doctor Who story to feature the Ice Warriors.

Featuring the Second Doctor as played by Patrick Troughton, and his companions Jamie and Victoria.



  1. Battle against the Glaciers
  2. Two Minutes to Doomsday
  3. Creature from the Red Planet
  4. Back from the Dead
  5. The Omega Factor
  6. Under the Moving Mountain
  7. Diplomat in Danger
  8. The Martian Ultimatum
  9. Counter-Attack
  10. On the Brink of Destruction


  • The Brittanicus Base computer is named ECCO in the novelisation.
  • The novel’s dialogue and Varga himself identifies him as a ‘Warlord’.
  • The section in which Jamie and Penley encounter a bear is cut from the novel.
  • Instead of there being five Warriors as in the episode, there are six.
  • Zondal is given the rank of lieutenant.

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