Tales of the Dark Times
The Knight, the Fool and the Dead


Hoolan was a planet visited by the Eighth and Ninth Doctors during their search for the Time Lord Victorious, (Tales of the Dark Times) after he had slaughtered the Kotturuh and gone on a rampage throughout the Dark Times. (The Knight, the Fool and the Dead)

There, The Doctors stumbled across a human house in the middle of the baron landscape. Its only occupants were a clothed skeleton and a crude time machine. Before their eyes, the skeleton began to reform into the shape of a woman. The Doctors discovered that the woman had created the time machine in order to travel back to the Big Bang, however, due to the time lock around the Dark Times, her house had become a bridge between the Dark Times and her present day.

Knowing this bridge would allow anything to travel to the future and unleash chaos, The Doctors helped her to travel back home and close the bridge. (Tales of the Dark Times)

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