The Curse of Fenric

The Curse of Fenric

The Curse of Fenric



The Doctor and Ace are put to the ultimate test when the TARDIS dematerialises in Second World War England at a top-secret naval base. The army church, built on Viking graves, bears inscriptions calling for the wolves of Fenric to return for their treasure. Thereafter evil will reign… Even as The Doctor translates the words, hideous corpses rise up from the sea, the evil Fenric now free to summon his wolves to a killing rampage.

With a new slant on Dr Judson, and a more substantial confrontation between the Ancient Haemovore and the Doctor, this special extended production of the Curse of Fenric brings additional excitement to the story originally broadcast – good standing against evil with only The Doctor to play the final moves…

Episode entry


  • The Curse of Fenric was the third episode of season 26
  • Shooting on the serial went over-length to such a degree that considerationwas briefly given to ing the story into five rather than four episodes. However, Ian Briggs strongly opposed this as he felt that the narrative flow would be badly disrupted.
  • The infant Audrey was portrayed by the son of the proprietors of The Bush Hotel on Shepherd’s Bush Green who was familiar to the production team as it was near the Doctor Who offices.

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