The Dominators


The DominatorsThe Dominators


Pages 126
ISBN 0-426-19553-1
Publication Date 19 July 1984


The Doctor remembers Dulkis from a previous visit as a civilised and peaceful place. But times have changed, and his second trip is not quite the holiday he was expecting.

The Dulcians themselves are more reluctant than ever before to engage in acts of violence. The so-called Island of Death, once used as an atomic test site, has served as a dire warning of the horrifying consequences of warfare. But an alien race prepares to take advantage of their pacifism…

The whole planet and its passive inhabitants are threatened with complete annihilation – and no one it seems, is going to lift a finger to stop the evil Dominators and their unquestioning robot slaves.



  1. Island of Death
  2. The Radiation Mystery
  3. The Assessment
  4. Heads in the Sand
  5. Slavery
  6. Fighting Back
  7. Buried Alive
  8. Clues
  9. Last Chances
  10. Desperate Measures


  • Like most target novelisasteditions, a majority of the dialogue is altered in the book form.
  • Marter’s novelisation names Cully as ‘Kully’.
  • When the Dominator‘s leave their ship, Toba has a radiation instrument with him.
  • The Survey Unit is described as a portable building.
  • When Toba orders the Quarks to fire on the unit, the portable unit topples over the high ground and crashes to the even ground. Kully and Zoe are then arrested by Toba and his Quarks.
  • The Quarks are coloured gold, whilst the Dominators have glowing green eyes.
  • The Quarks are described as two metres tall and the Dominators as two and a half. Both are significantly shorter on television.
  • The Quarks are described when they kill Wahed, Etnin and Tolata: In the televised version, they are not seen until The Doctor and Jamie encounter them.
  • Teel beats Toba with a metal bar without effect. In the television version, he merely grabs hold of his arm.
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