The Twin Dilemma

The Twin Dilemma
The Twin Dilemma


“Something’s wrong. Something’s very wrong. Oh, no. Has it come to that? Regenerate, yet unregenerate… I am a living peril to the Universe.”

Is The Doctor really losing his mind? After his fifth regeneration his behaviour certainly seems to point that way. Having tried to strangle Peri, he’s landed the TARDIS on the asteroid Titan 3 determined to pursue the quiet life of a hermit. But the giant dome on the horizon seems set to shatter his peace. Just who are its mysterious inhabitants? What is their connection to the kidnapping of the twins Romulus and Remus, famed for their mathematical genius? And where are the giant Gastropods?

Originally transmitted 22-30 March 1984

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  • The Twin Dilemma was the seventh story of season 21 and was Colin Bakers debut story
  • This story has received an especially bad track record for criticism. Three polls in 1998, 2009, and 2014 voted it the worst Doctor Who television story ever. (DWM 265, DWM 413, DWM 474) The poll in 2003 used a different voting system and the Twin Dilemma was not among the twenty-five stories which received no votes, placing it higher than last place.

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