The Twin Dilemma Novel Reading

The Twin Dilemma
The Twin Dilemma


Colin Baker reads Eric Saward’s complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1986.

The Doctor has regenerated, having sacrificed his fifth persona to save Peri’s life. But things are not going well…On this occasion the process of regeneration is by no means smooth, for the even-tempered, good-humoured The Fifth Doctor has given way to a rather disturbed and unsettled successor. In a particularly irascible moment the new Doctor comes dangerously close to committing a shocking crime. Overwhelmed with guilt for his violent behaviour, the repentant Time Lord decides to become a hermit…

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  • The Twin Dilemma was the seventh and final story of Season 21 of Doctor Who.
  • This story had working titles of A Stitch In Time and A Switch In Time.
  • New opening and closing title sequences make their debut a more colourful version than the previous one, incorporating Colin Baker’s face rather than Peter Davison’s designed by Sid Sutton and Terry Handley. It used two different photos of the Doctor’s face, and featured the additions of numerous multicolor effects, such as a blueish-purple tunnel of gle-like lights and red & green stars flying in to reveal the image of the Doctor. This sequence was mainly implemented to coincide with the new Doctor’s multicoloroutfit.
  • If The Trial of a Time Lord is counted as one 14-part story, The Twin Dilemma is in fact, the only Sixth Doctor to feature the (at the time) traditional four part format.

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