The Daleks VHS

The Daleks VHS
The Daleks VHS


Part 1 – The Dead Planet:

The Daleks

An early, unedited classic in two parts featuring William Hartnell as the original Doctor in his very first terrifying encounter with The Daleks – destined to become his deadliest enemies.

When The Doctor and his companions find themselves on a dead planet, a distant glimpse of a magnificant city arouses The Doctor’s ruthless curiosity and puts them all in grave danger. On inspection the city seems deserted but they make two lethal discoveries: the planet is radioactive and the subterranean corridors conceal a terrible menace… The Daleks.

Captured and suffering from radiation sickness all seems lost. Strangely Susan is allowed to fetch essential drugs from the TARDIS, but The Daleks are using her as bait to trap the Thals, a ‘mutated’ race living above ground. The Daleks must be stopped but The Doctor is dying and Susan has not yet returned…

Part 2 – The Expedition:

The Daleks

Having escaped, The Doctor and his companions find they have left a vital TARDIS component in the underground maze. With horror they realise they must return and they finally persuade the peace-loving Thals to join forces against the murderous Daleks. Back at the city The Doctor and Susan are recaptured and discover that The Daleks, dependent on radiation for survival, plan to subject the planet to another lethal dose.

Ian, Barbara and the Thals must infiltrate the stronghold, save The Doctor and Susan, and stop the evil Daleks in their relentless quest for supreme power. But first they must face the abominations that lurk in the deadly swamp…

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