Clockwork Droids

The Girl In The Fireplace



Clockwork Droids

Biological Type:

Clockwork repair droids

Affiliated With:

SS Madame de Pompadour
SS Marie Antoinette

Notable Individuals:

Half-Face Man
Control node
Repair droid 7

First Seen In:



The Girl In The Fireplace
Deep Breath
The Forgotten


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The Clockwork Repair Droids were androids that served on the SS Madame de Pompadour and its sister transport, the SS Marie Antoinette. The previous stalked Madame de Pompadour in eighteenth century France, trusting that they could fix their ship by taking her cerebrum. The previous wore eighteenth century French apparel to mix in with the general population of the time and were precise rather than electric so they could work if their ship’s capacity was drained. The last smashed in Earth’s removed past and stayed covered up until the Victorian period when their control hub endeavored to fix the ship with both natural and specialist material from Victorian London to take them to the “guaranteed land”. They masked themselves utilising human skin taken from their perished unfortunate casualties.


They pursued cover techniques to mix into the environment. This could be as basic as dressing in properoutfits to coordinate the timespans they wound up in – regardless of looking to some degree unreasonable. (The Girl in the Fireplace) An increasingly intense system of cover was the gathering of human skin and organs to apparently seem human. In (Deep Breath) they could be outfitted with short range teleporters, scanners, sedatives and devices inside their wrists for part evacuation. On account of the Clockwork Droids on board the SS Marie Antoinette, they were capable supplant their instruments with nearby extra parts, for example, sword sharp edges. They could likewise at themselves on the off chance that they were solidified and void undesirable liquids from their framework at whatever point they went into a room, they made “tick tock” clamors from their precise parts. They broke any check in the space to abstain from raising doubt. (TARDISODE 4, The Girl in the Fireplace, Deep Breath)


The SS Madame de Pompadour Droids’ just reason for existing was to fix the ship. At the point when the ship was harmed in the Dagmar Cluster in a particle storm, they came up short on the correct parts. They utilised the team individuals’ body parts, as indicated by the Tenth Doctor, “Nobody told [them] the group weren’t on the menu.” The last part they required was a mind for their direction circuit, and they trusted that lone the thirty-seven-year-old cerebrum (a similar age of their ship) of Madame de Pompadour would work. They changed the ship’s twist motors to open many time windows to eighteenth century France and went through it at different snapshots of Madame de Pompadour’s life, endeavoring to discover her in her thirty-seventh year. The Doctor vanquished them by detaching the time window that drove back to their ship. With no reason, they shut down. (The Girl in the Fireplace)

The SS Marie Antoinette smashed on Earth before the introduction of mankind. Its robot group figured out how to stay useful by always supplanting the defective parts with both natural and technician saves gathered from their environment. These “extra parts” included Dinosaurorgans and Roman metalwork. Notwithstanding, as of the late nineteenth century, they changed their segments so often that nothing was left from the first androids at that point, their ship had been revised into a phony café where unconscious human exploited people were stole and theirorgans gathered, the bodies were then singed to shroud the missing parts. At the point when the droids killed a Tyrannosaurus Rex unintentionally presented in time by the TARDIS for its optic nerve, the crisply recovered the Twelfth Doctor found their base of tasks and went up against their control hub on board the getaway containerof the ship – a colossal tourist balloon made of human skin. The robots deactivated when the Half-Face Man tumbled to his demise on the highest point of Big Ben. (Deep Breath)

At the point when Es’Cartrss endeavored to assume control over the Tenth Doctor’s brain by means of the TARDIS’ Matrix, he utilised his recollections of the Clockwork Droids to assault him. (The Forgotten)


The Tenth Doctor, in the wake of having expected the personality of John Smith, had an illustration of a Clockwork Droid in A Journal of Impossible Things. (Human instinct)


The Doctor had experienced an alternate sort of accuracy android amid his ninth manifestation. Shade Vassily made a practically flawless human-looking accuracy droid (Repple) to occupy any individual who came searching for him, yet The Doctor made sense of he was precise. Perfect timing Cats which shot lasers out of their eyes ensured Vassily, yet The Doctor and Melissa Heart reinvented one. Melissa likewise had two precise knights to do heroffering, the two of which were obliterated, one was utilised to fix the perfect timing feline, and the other relinquished itself to spare London. (The Clockwise Man)

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