Class Characters


 For Tonight We Might Die Greg Austin as Charlie

Austin is best known for playing the young Gordon Selfridge in I’s Mr Selfridge. He also runs his own gaming channel on YouTube under the name EuphAuric. Charlie is one of Coal Hill’s oddest students, and it’s not just his cringey social awkwardness. It’s something else, almost as if he’s hiding a secret…

 Class Fady Elsayed as Ram

Elsayed is a British/Egyptian actor best known for the role of Mo in the 2012 indie film My Brother the Devil. He’s also had minor roles in episodes of River, Citizen Khan and Silent Witness. One of the Coal Hill gang and the school’s football star. “My character’s a cool, loving, caring young man who’s very driven, very passionate and always wants to be the best at everything, ” says Elsayed.

 Class Sophie Hopkins as April

The Yorkshire actress has appeared in a series of short films, including this one, which is available to watch on Vimeo. April, in every bit of her being, wants to do good and help others, ” says Hopkins. “She’s really strong and she’s wise before her years, I think. And she’s a bit of a mother hen – always trying to keep everyone together, maybe even before herself.

 For Tonight We Might Die Vivian Oparah as Tanya

Class is Vivian Oparah’s first screen acting role. She’s the bright spark younger than the rest of the core Class group. Three years younger, in fact. But despite only being 14, Tanya been moved into sixth form (yup, she’s the brainy one).

 Class Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill

Kelly appeared in Coronation Street from 2006 to 2012, along with roles in The Night Manager and Happy Valley. She’s also set to appear in I’s new supernatural drama Him. Quill is the school’s no nonsense physics teacher. Strict, bolshie and outspoken, the students won’t want to get on the wrong side of her…

 Class Nigel Betts as Mr Armitage

A crossover character from Doctor Who, Mr Armitage previously appeared in the episodes The Caretaker and Into The Dalek. Nigel Betts has also recently been seen in BBC Two sitcom Boy Meets Girl and Gold’s comedy You, Me & them.

 Class Jordan Renzo as Matteusz

Class is Renzo’s first major screen role, however he did appear in the little-seen Second World War thriller Chosen opposite Harvey Keitel. Charlie’s Polish boyfriend, also a student at Coal Hill.

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