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City of Death
City of Death Novel Reading


Novelisation of the classic 1979 Tom Baker story. Had been previously published as an “unofficial novelisation” by the New Zealand Fan Club, but has never had a BBC-licenced adaption until now, due to Douglas Adams being unable to agree terms with publishers to write the novelisation (or allow another author to do so) before his untimely death in 2001

Was originally announced for publication in 2014 with Gareth Roberts as the author, but when Roberts found himself unable to make progress on the project, it was pushed back to 2015 with James Goss as the author instead.

When Fourth Doctor and Romana take a break from their travels in Paris 1979, a holiday is far from what they get.
Strange things are happening: lost art treasures are turning up, secret experiments are causing distortions in time, and the greatest art fraud in history is about to reach its fruition.

When the time travellers team up with Duggan, a British detective, they learn that everything points to Count Carlos Scarlioni, a wealthy and famous art collector who is somehow much, much more than he seems…

If Scarlioni is allowed to succeed, his plans will result in all life on Earth ceasing to have ever existed…


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  • Episode entry
  • Read by Lalla Ward
  • City of Death had the highest average viewing figure of the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker era, with a rating of 14.5 million . It also has the all-time highest rating for an individual episode with 16.1 million . However, this rating is somewhat misleading, as the story was transmitted at a time when I were on strike, and therefore it transmitted without significant opposition.

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