Chang Lee


Grace Rose

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Chang Lee

Played By:

Yee Jee Tso


27 May 1996

First Appearance:

The TV Movie (regular)


1 story


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Because of his single appearance, we don’t really know a lot about Chang Lee, and because he apparently doesn’t leave with the Doctor, we probably won’t know much about the character. What we do know is that he helped The Master capture The Doctor but then saw the error of his ways. He elects to stay behind on Earth at the end of Enemy Within.


  • Some fans consider Chang Lee a companion of the Doctor, perhaps based on the fact that the TARDIS saves his life. Other fans consider him one of the few companions of the Master. In fact, he’s both – and neither. He became a willing participant in The Master’s plans, but only after being hypnotised. Later, he sided with The Doctor and was killed for it. When resurrected, he showed no interest in staying with The Doctor on any sort of long-term basis.
  • The novelisation of the DoctorWho telefilm offers further details of Lee’s life, particularly how he got involved with gangs. Lee’s parents were industrious, law-abiding shop owners. His brother, Chang Ho, two years his senior, wanted to use the shop as a front for selling crack for the gang. His parents refused and were killed by a rival gang. This left Lee under Ho’s protection and he brought Lee into his gang. A rivalry with another gang intensified and Ho was knifed in 1996.
  • The novelisation also names the friends with Lee on the night he met The Doctor. One was called Lin Wang. However, the book claims that one, Pik Sim, was a woman with long hair, while in the final cut of the film they are clearly all males. This discrepancy reveals the difficulty inherent in relying on Gary Russell’s novel for accurate details, as it was written without the benefit of seeing the final film and apparently even before casting had been completed.

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