The Nightmare Man

The Nightmare Man
The Nightmare Man


luke is scared about going to university…but something much more terrifying is threatening his very existence! A creepy Nightmare Man haunts his dreams and begins to take over his waking life, too – but he can’t tell anyone. Will Sarah Jane and his friends figure out what’s happening and make sure Luke doesn’t disappear forever?

Book one of two exciting new novelisations based on a story from The Sarah Jane Adventures, starring Elisabeth Sladen and airing on BBC One this Autumn.

Perfect for reluctant readers


Deviations from the televised story

Luke is stated to have just finished the diet that he was on in the novelisation of the Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and packs three pairs of trousers that have stretchy waistbands to accommodate for the freshman fifteen, which he is anxious of gaining.
The story retains a line of dialogue originally written for the TV version but cut from broadcast that hints that Luke may be gay; the implication of this line was confirmed by Russell T Davies in a 2013 interview in which he revealed CBBC had asked for a gay character to be included in the series, and Davies decided to establish Luke and Sanjay as a romantic pairing. However, due to Elisabeth Sladen’s unexpected death, the storyline did not come to fruition until 2020’s Farewell, Sarah Jane.
As noted above, the novelisation includes appearances by the Brigadier, Martha Jones and Mickey Smith, who do not appear in the televised version of the story.

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