Banto Zame



Banto Zame

Main Aliases:

The Doctor


Con artist

Place of Origin:



The One Doctor

Main Voice Actor:

Christopher Biggins


Banto Zame was a con man who impersonated The Doctor from “the Vulgar End of Time”.


Banto Zame was born on Osphogus, and began life life of crime when he stole a 5 nim note from his mother. As an adult, he claimed to be married, he spent several years out of contact with her, running scams alongside his accomplice Sally-Anne Stubbins. Their most frequent scam was for him to impersonate The Doctor, and use “special effects” to create a seemingly threatening alien invasion, with Sally-Ann playing the role of the Doctor’s companion. Zame would then save the target planet and accept a reward for his services, despite the flaws in their research about The Doctor.

Banto and Sally-Ann played out their scam in the Generios system, where they faked an invasion by the Skelloids After ‘foiling’ the invasion, ‘The Doctor’ claimed that the Stardis needed pluvon crystals, worth 100 million credits. Before their departure, however, they were confronted by the Sixth Doctor and Mel, who had gathered the truth behind the scam. Initially believing them to be a pairof fellow con artists, Banto had them thrown into the cells. When the Cylinder arrived, demanding the three greatest treasures of the Generios system, Banto believed that this was The Doctor’s con. After The Doctor and Mel forced Banto and Sally-Anne to take the ‘Stardis’ to the TARDIS, Banto realised that he was the real Doctor, being briefly overcome with shock.

Banto and the Doctor were forced to work together to recover the three treasures, with Banto and the Doctor continually bickering. Banto attempted to abandon The Doctor and return with the treasures to Generios One, which failed thanks to The Doctor’s ingenuity. They displayed the treasures to the cylinder, which asked The Doctor to present himself so that it could give him a reward. As Banto introduced himself as The Doctor, Mel and Sally-Anne attempted to protest, only for The Doctor to claim that he was Banto, going so far as to kiss Sally-Anne to reinforce the bluff. Although puzzled by The Doctor’s actions, Banto nevertheless continued to reaffirm that he was The Doctor, only to be shocked when the cylinder captured him in a tractor beam, revealing that it served the Sussyurats of Chalzon, who wished to capture The Doctor for crimes against them. The Doctor said he would come back to rescue him, one day. (The One Doctorr)


Banto Zame was depicted in the DWM 312 comic preview of the One Doctor.

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