General Azznesh Azzar



General Azznesh Azzar


Ice Warrior

Place of Origin:

New Mars


The Dance of the Dead

Main Voice Actor:

Vivien Parry


General Azznesh Azzar was a New Mars delegate for the Queen Bastrovan peace conference. Being a warrior, she was displeased that Mutter’s Spiral was at peace.
While Azzar and Grand Marshall Sstac were returning to New Mars on the Empress, the partner in crime of the thief, Karter, hacked into the Empress’ systems to put Karteron the staff. The partner intended to set off a small explosion to damage just one floor and quickly steal from them, but mistimed the explosives and damaged the entire hull.

Azzar attempted to stop Karter from leaving, but she was trapped by the falling ceiling. She eventually reached the flight controls. Assuming the Queen was behind the explosion, Azzar sent a fake distress signal that the ship had been sabotaged, when she had intended to send the Empress on a collision course with Ronos Minor to start a war with the Queen.

When Sstac and Benny reached her at the bridge, Azzar was killed electrocuting herself on the flight controls. (The Dance of the Dead)

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