The Aztecs


The AztecsThe Aztecs


Pages 141
ISBN 0-426-11068-4
Publication Date 19 February 1976


The TARDIS materialises in Mexico during the Aztecs civilisation. The Doctor and his companions step outside to discover they are inside a tomb – the tomb, it turns out, of Yetaxa, once High Priest of the Aztecs.

Barbara is hailed as Yetaxa’ reincarnation by Autloc, High Priest of Knowledge, and Tlotoxl, High Priest of Sacrifice, when they find her in the precincts of the tomb wearing the bracelet of the deceased Priest, now revered as a god.

And she takes advantage of her position of unaccustomed power to try and dissuade the Aztecs from practising human sacrifice…



  1. Coiled Serpent
  2. Yetaxa the God
  3. The Chosen Warriors
  4. Sacrifice to Tlaloc
  5. The Perfect Victim
  6. The Thorn of Doom
  7. No Holds Barred
  8. Cups of Cocoa
  9. The Bride of Sacrifice
  10. Offence and Retributedition
  11. Crawl, Swim, Climb
  12. Wall of Deceptedition
  13. False God
  14. The Day of Darkness
  15. Eclipse


  • The novelisation dates the story as 1507.
  • Aztec culture is elaborated on.
  • Ian discovers the skeleton of Ixta’s father in the secret passage.
  • Ixta is said to be Topau‘s grandson, instead of his son.
  • There is no fight between Ixta and Ian on the pyramid, but instead Ian shines The Doctor’s torch in Ixta’s face, stunning him, causing him to fall off the pyramid.
  • The lead into The Sensorites is not included.
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