The Claws of Axos VHS

The Claws of Axos VHS
The Claws of Axos VHS


“Axonite will soon spread across the planet… The Nutrition Cycle will begin…”

A mysterious UFO lands on Earth. The Axons have arrived, desperate for help and eager to offer in return an exciting gift – axonite, potentially the most powerful substance man has ever seen. With its powers of duplication, the possibilities for mankind are endless. The Ministry of Defence is delighted but The Doctor has his suspicions. Are the Axons as genuine as they seem? Just what is The Doctor’s arch enemy, The Master, doing aboard this ship?

Originally transmitted March 13th – April 3rd, 1971, this four part adventure, starring Jon Pertwee as The Doctor, is as exciting as everon video.

Originally transmitted 13/03/71 – 03/04/71

Producer: Barry Letts
Directed by: Michael Furguson

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