The Shadows of Avalon

The Shadows of Avalon
The Shadows of Avalon

The Brigadier’s wife is dead. A terrible accident. Grieving, he searches for death, and finds his way to Avalon, the other-dimensional kingdom of the Catuvelauni.

The Doctor is also in Avalon, marooned. He’s lost his companions, his TARDIS… and his hope for the future.

Now it seems they’ll have to make a new life for themselves with the Celts who live in the Dreamlands. Perhaps even help in the Celts’ negotiations with the Unseelie, the sinisteroriginal inhabitants of Avalon, who live far to the North.

But then a gateway opens between Earth and Avalon. The British Army arrives in force. And the Brigadier negotiates a treaty that will lead to war in the Land of Dreams.

With fearsome dragons duelling jet fighters, vicious Gallifreyan agents causing havoc, and Compassion fighting against her ultimate fate, can The Doctor save the world, his best friend, and himself?


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  • The Shadows of Avalon was the thirty-first novel in the BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Paul Cornell. It featured The Doctor, Fitz Kreiner, Compassion, the Brigadier, and introduced Romana III,
  • The People are mentioned in relation to Gallifrey and its narrowly averted war.
  • Fitz and Compassion take a brief”swim” through the Time Vortex.
  • England has a king by 2012.
  • A Time Lord can regenerate even after decapitation, growing a new head in the process.
  • A Time Lord can be killed (without regeneration taking place) by being stabbed through both hearts.
  • Romana uses a Space-Time Visualiser to look into near future events.
  • Sentient TARDISs are integral to the Future War with the Enemy.
  • Romana has regenerated to prepare for the war.
  • The Brigadier has the body of a man in his late thirties

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