Army of Death

Army of Death

Regular Cast

Paul McGann (The Doctor), Julie Cox (Mary Shelley), David Harewood (President Vallan), Carolyn Pickles (Lady Meera), Eva Pope (Nia Brusk), Mitch Benn(Commander Raynar/Karnex), Joanna Christie (Sherla/Baden/Tox), Trevor Cooper(Captain Maddox/Stennan/Sentries)


The TARDIS brings The Doctor and Mary Shelley to the continent of Zelonia, on the frontier world Draxine – where, many moons ago, the twin citystates of Garrak and Stronghaven bore testament to mankind’s colonial spirit.

That was before the sinister death cult of Garrak’s President Harmon took hold – and Garrak annihilated itself, utterly, in an apocalyptic explosion. Before the bones of Garrak’s dead came back to life, and its skeletal citizens began marching, marching, marching on Stronghaven itself.

But what do they want, this army of death? And can anything stop them? In search of answers, The Doctor and Mary must journey into the dead heart of a dead city to face a terrifying adversary, whose ambitions transcend the stuff of life itself.


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  • Army of Death is the third story in the 2011 Eighth Doctor audio trilogy.
  • The Doctor refers to Plutonian tax collectors. (The Sun Makers)
  • The Doctor tells President Vallon that he was once accused of assassinating a president himself. (The Deadly Assassin)
  • The Doctor mentions to Mary and Nia that he used to have a flying car with a “great number plate.” (Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Planet of the Spiders)

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