The Girl Who Waited





The Girl Who Waited


Apalapucia was a paradise planet and the native world of the Apalapucians.


Apalapucia was a fabulously beautiful planet of soaring spires, silver colonnades and the mirrored Glasmir Mountains. The planet had a pinkish-purple sky and an oxygen-rich atmosphere. According to The Doctor, it was 2 billion light-years away from Earth.

According to the Eleventh Doctor, it was voted the #2 destination for the discerning intergalactic traveller. (The Girl Who Waited)


By the time the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams landed on Apalapucia, the planet had been infected by an outbreak of Chen-7, a disease swiftly fatal to two-hearted races such as Time Lords and the native Apalapucians.

The Two Streams Facility was set up to care for the infected population, and through the use of temporal technology, allowed them to live through their entire life in a day. The facility was staffed by the Handbots, robotic nurses who patrolled the facility.

To pass the time, patients of the facility had access to fabulous entertainment facilities: an aquarium, an art gallery with replicas of famous works from other planets, such as the Mona Lisa, a cinema, access to a vast garden with bizarre and beautiful topiary (described by the Interface as a replica of topiary found on a Shill governer’s mansion on Shallanna) and portals to the planet’s famous “Glasmir Mountains” and a replica of the “Rollercoaster Zone” amusement complex on Clom. (The Girl Who Waited)

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