To The Last Man


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To The Last Man

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Torchwood Season 2 DVD


Torchwood Season 2 DVD


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John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Eve Myles (Gwen), Burn Gorman (Owen), Naoko Mori (Toshiko), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto), Anthony Lewis (Tommy), Roderic Culver (Gerald), Siobahn Hewlett (Harriet), Lizzie Rogan (Nurse), Ricky Fearon (Foreman)


Written by James Moran
Directed by Colin Teague
Produced by Richard Stokes


“To the Last Man “is the third episode of the second series of Torchwood.

Tommy Brockless (Anthony Lewis) is a young World War I soldier, shell-shocked from his experiences in the trenches. In 1918, Torchwood agents Gerald Carter and Harriet Derbyshire (Roderic Culver and Siobhan Hewlett) take Tommy from the St Teilo’s military hospital in Cardiff to be kept in cryonic storage. They leave instructions for future Torchwood members that Tommy will one day be key to saving the world. In the present day it is revealed that Torchwood have kept Tommy in storage for almost a century, releasing him one day a year for a medical check-up.

Whilst Tommy is under day-release, Toshiko (Naoko Mori) elects to keep him company.

Whilst Toshiko spends time with Tommy, Jack (John Barrowman) and Gwen (Eve Myles) discover that the abandoned Cardiff hospital is showing signs of time distortion, with elements of the 1918 hospital appearing in the present. Meanwhile, Toshiko and Tommy grow closer, after an afternoon in the pub, he kisses her romantically. Later, Toshiko’s colleague Owen (Burn Gorman) realises that Toshiko has developed feelings for Tommy and warns her to be careful as he does not want her to get hurt. Upon their return, Jack realises that the present year is when Tommy will be needed: he will have to travel back to 1918 and activate a Rift Key to close the connection between 1918 and the present and prevent disaster.

As Tommy is due to be executed for cowardice three weeks after his return to 1918, Tosh initially refuses to let him go back. Jack persuades her of the necessity of Tommy’s return.

After spending the night together, Tosh and Tommy return to the hospital as the disruptions intensify, accompanied by Jack. During one disruption, the three witness the 1918 Torchwood team, Jack relays instructions through Tommy for them to take the 1918 version of Tommy into their custody before the older Tommy arrives.

Tommy and Tosh share a goodbye, and Jack briefs Tommy on using the Rift Key before he steps back to 1918 during the next disruption. However, when back in the past, Tommy becomes shell-shocked, and is led back to his bed by nurses, he is unable to operate the Rift Key in his stateat Torchwood’s headquarters, Jack and Tosh use the Cardiff Rift to project an image of Tosh into Tommy’s mind.

Tommy senses some familiarity with Tosh but otherwise does not recognise her. Despite this, Tosh is able to instruct Tommy to activate the Rift Key, and the distortions at the hospital soon dissipate. Recovering from events, Tosh brushes off Owen’s sympathy and takes a moment to consider her short time with Tommy.


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