Border Princess

Border Princess
Border Princess


The End of the World began on a Thursday night in October, just after eight in the evening…

The Amok is driving people out of their minds, turning them into zombies and causing riots in the streets. A solitary diner leaves a Cardiff restaurant, his mission to protect the Principal leading him to a secret base beneath a water tower. Everyone has a headache, there’s something in Davey Morgan’s shed, and the church of St Mary-in-the-Dust, demolished in 1840, has reappeared – though it’s not due until 2011. Torchwood seem to be out of their depth. What will all this mean for the romance between Torchwood’s newest members?

Captain Jack Harkness has something more to worry about: an alarm, an early warning, given to mankind and held – inert – by Torchwood for 108 years. And now it’s flashing. Something is coming. Or something is already here.


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  • A neon advert outside a pub advertises”Magners and Budweisers”.
  • As a child Gwen suffered from car sickness, one time in an old Vauxhall Royale on the way to Carmarthen.
  • The big man who attacks Tosh smells strongly of Lynx.
  • Mr Norris’ carrier bag contains a Marlboro cigarette packet, part of a Rubik’s cube, a sandwich, the tail of a kite, a scuffed Adidas trainer in a child’s size, a Happy Meal toy, part of an electric toothbrush, an out-of-date copy of Exchange & Mart with several pages torn out, a Bic pen with no innards, and a Pikachu-head Pez dispenser.
  • Mr Norris lives on the side of the River Taff riverbank.
  • Tosh and Owen recall Operation Goldenrod.
  • Owen scans James with a Bekaran deep-tissue scanner.
  • Gwen drives a black Saab.
  • The Serial G robots were created by the Melkene.
  • Gwen travels to Manchester Piccadilly train station.
  • Owen tells James that Jack is making calls to the Pentagon, NASA, Project Blue Book, NATO, UNIT, International Rescue, Starfleet, and the Fortress of Solitude.
  • Gwen reads a magazine on the train about what Jolene Blalock got up to after Enterprise wound up.

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