Tonights The Night


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Regular Cast

John Barrowman (Himself/Jack), Tim Ingham (Himself/Sao Til)

Guest Cast

David Tennant (as himself)


Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by not credited
Produced by not credited


Captain¬†Jack Harkness¬†enters The Doctor’s TARDIS and notices a blue individual that comes across as quite suspicious.


Jack Harkness enters The Doctor’s TARDIS and discovers a blue-headed alien who claims to be a regenerated Doctor. The alien gives the game away when Jack notices that he’s armed, something the real Doctor would never be. The alien identifies himself as Sao Til, a literal arms dealer who trades in limbs. Jack draws his gun and the two enter into a standoff before…

David Tennant comes in through the TARDIS doors and asks John what he’s doing. John introduces Tim Ingham of Stoke-on-Trent, who is pretending to be Sao Til. David then exits the set via the ‘fourth wall’, pausing briefly before he leaves to chide John for being in “my TARDIS”. After a moment of giddiness at having seen David Tennant, John and Tim then carry on from where they left off, resuming their characters and pretending to shoot at each other as they run around the TARDIS set.


  • The skit has no opening or closing credits.
  • Running just over 3 minutes in length, this was, for a time, the shortest televised Doctor Who-related production ever. Since its broadcast, though, several shorter minisodes have been produced for online and DVD/Blu-ray distribution. The shortest DWU story broadcast on television remains From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love.
  • As Tennant does not appear as The Doctor in this skit, it is the first Doctor Who story since Mission to the Unknown in which the character does not appear. It is also the first and only time a televised story has featured the TARDIS, but no Doctor. Given the acknowledged non-DWU nature of this skit, Mission to the Unknown remains as the only story to not feature The Doctor (when viewed as a stand-alone story independent of The Daleks’ Master Plan.)
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