Thomas Edison


Thomas Edison




Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

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Robert Glenister


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Thomas Alva Edison was an American inventor. (Dead Man’s Hand, Wardenclyffe)

Edison lived in New York City and owned Edison Machine Works, where Helena was a personal secretary. (Wardenclyffe) He also hired inventor Nikola Tesla to dig trenches for the company. After Edison made a comment about offering”$50, 000″ to the man that could fix his generator, Tesla took it seriously and worked on the device for a full year until he did so. Edison, however, offered him a small raise instead. This angered Tesla and led to him leaving the company to work independently, (Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror) reportedly on 30 March 1884. (Wardenclyffe)

According to Professor Celeste Rivers, Thomas Edison had strong interests in the paranormal. The Lost Boy)

Edison invented the light bulb. When The Monks invaded Earth, they created a false history. They used fake news to brainwash humanity into believing that they were with him when he made the breakthrough. (The Lie of the Land)


Edison was portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the film The Current War.

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