The Elite

The Elite
The Elite

Regular Cast

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan Jovanka), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Joe Coen (Aubron), Ryan Sampson (Thane), Derek Carlyle (Alaric), Joannah Tincey (Stemp), Nicholas Briggs (High Priest), John Banks (Garthak), Ellie Burrow (Ella)


The Doctor offers Tegan and Nyssa a trip to the paradise world of Florana, but instead the TARDIS takes them to a domed city on a planet scarred by warfare. A world where everyone is young, and fighting for the glory of the Elite…

Hidden away in The Cathedral of Power, the High Priest is watching. It knows The Doctor, and his arrival changes everything…

Written By: John Dorney, from a story by Barbara Clegg
Directed By:  Ken Bentley


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  • The Elite was the first story in the third series of the Lost Stories.
  • This is the first Lost Story to feature the Fifth Doctor.
  • This story, had it been produced as a television story, would have been Nyssa and Tegan’s first story with the Daleks. However, at this point, Nyssa has already encountered the Daleks several times during her time with the Doctor.
  • In the original unmade story, The Doctor would have made balloon animals. In this story, he shares around chocolate.
  • The Third Doctor had previously intended to take Sarah Jane Smith on a visit to Florana (Invasion of the Dinosaurs) but his efforts were unsuccessful. (Death to the Daleks
  • Tegan refers to her possession by the Mara and her subsequent attempt to kill The Doctor. (Kinda)

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