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The Sontaran Experiment

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Kevin Lindsay


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Styre was a Sontaran Field Major with the G3 Military Assessment Survey. He served and reported to a Marshal.

In 16087, Styre was ordered by the Grand Strategic Council to make an assessment of human physical limitations. He lured eight human soldiers from GalSec to an abandoned Earth to subject them to experiments. Amongst the things he tested were human reaction to fear, muscular strength, and the human breast cage resistance to pressure, using a gravity bar. Styre also noted that humans were highly dependent on fluids and if they did not drink, they started to lose mental and motor skills in as few as three days. He thought this should be exploited.

while he was conducting his experiments, the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, and Harry Sullivan transmatted down to Earth from the orbiting Space Station Nerva. Upon first encountering Styre, Sarah expressed that he bore a strong resemblance to another Sontaran she had previously encountered, Linx. The Doctor convinced Strye that his experiments had actually been conducted on an inferior sub-class of humans. The Doctor, purporting to represent a true human, then engaged him in combat. At the same time, following The Doctor’s instructions, Harry secretly sabotaged Styre’s ship by removing the terullian diode bypass transformer. Exhausted from his battle, Styre returned to his ship to recharge himself. Harry’s sabotage reversed the process, so rather than absorbing energy from the ship, the ship drained Styre’s energy, killing him. (The Sontaran Experiment)


Sarah Jane thought of Styre as well as Linx during her confrontation with Commander Kaagh. The Last Sontaran)

Styre’s manual on humanoid resistance to torture was published posthumously, and later cited by Stabb to the Fifth Doctor. (Heroes of Sontar)


In Strax Field Report: The Doctors, Strax likens the First Doctor’s initial brutality to the “great Field Marshal Styre”.

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