The Vanquishers




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The Time Warrior


The Time Warrior
The Sontaran Experiment
The Invasion of Time
The Two Doctors
A Fix With The Sontarans
The Sontaran Stratagem
The Last Sontaran
The Poison Sky
The End of Time
The Pandorica Opens
The Time of the Doctor
The Halloween Apocalpse
War of the Sontarans
Survivors of the Flux
The Vanquishers

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The Sontarans were inhabitants of the planet Sontara, the Sontarans were a cloned warrior species, dedicated to the art of killing. Theironly major weakness being that they needed to recharge their energy after long periods of fighting.

This was usually done by plugging themselves into their ships, via the probic vent at the nape of their neck. The probic vent was also a source of weakness – they could be stunned after a blow to it, or killed if stabbed through it. Their skin was also vulnerable to coronic acid. For centuries, the Sontarans were at war with the Rutans, a conflict that few could remember the origin of.

Their battles stretched across much of the galaxy and, in human terms, was going on during the twelfth century and still doing so nearly fourteen thousand years later.

Linx was a commander in the Sontaran fleet. His ship was damaged during a skirmish with a Rutan scout and he crash-landed in twelfth century England, close to a castle occupied by a robber baron, Irongron. Irongron believed that his warrior from the stars was an omen that his fortunes would change and indeed, in exchange for a workshop, Linx supplied Irongron with advanced weapons, including a robot knight. Using a crude osmic projector, Linx was able to project himself briefly into the twentieth century and kidnap scientists. He hypnotised them into helping him repair his ship. The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith followed in the TARDIS, and convinced a nearby nobleman, Edward, to help them stop Linx. Once his ship was repaired, Linx prepared to take off, knowing the castle and everyone in it would perish. The Doctor managed able to get the scientists home, while Irongron’s men got out. Edward’s expert archer, Hal, shot Linx with an arrow through the probic vent on the back of the alien’s neck which killed him. Unable to complete take- off, the ship exploded, wiping any trace of Sontaran technology from Earth, but ended up destroying Irongron’s castle.

A lone Sontaran warrior crashed on Earth in England during the crusades. The Sontarans next focussed on Earth after it had been deserted due to solar flare activity, testing the GalSec colonists. (The Sontaran Experiment)

The Sontarans also attempted to invade Gallifrey itself, with the intention of gaining mastery over time.

This was foiled by The Doctor who assumed role of President

Stor was the Commanderof the Sontaran invasion force which occupied Gallifrey after the Vardans had prepared the way. He was particularly interested in killing The Doctor who, in his new role as President of the High Council, managed to evade capture for a period, with the help of Chancellor Borusa.

Stor led his troopers on a rampage through Gallifrey and ultimately inside The Doctor’s TARDIS. The Doctor realised that his Presidential powers enabled him to learn the secret of the Demat Gun, a deadly weapon which he built and used on Stor, destroying the Sontaran commander completely.

The Sontarans later appeared in The Two Doctors who tried to gainwhere they attempted to steal the Kartz-Reimer time travel module. capturing the Second Doctor to learn the secrets but was foiled by the Sixth Doctor.  they were again foiled by the Sixth Doctor with Jimmy Saville and Janet Fielding returned to the role of Tegan to help Gareth Jenkins get a Fixed certificate (A Fix With The Sontarans)

The Sontarans returned in series four of Doctor Who with David Tennant after a 25 year absense, again in The End of Time and with Matt Smith in the fifth season finale.  A lone Sontaran, Commander Strax, helped The Doctor in A Good Man Goes To War. He has recently appeared in Deep Breath.


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