The Smugglers

The Smugglers
The Smugglers


An exclusive recording of a lost television adventure, with linking narration by Anneke Wills.
“Nobody who crosses Pike lives to tell the tale!”

When the TARDIS lands on a wild and remote stretch of the Cornish coast, its occupants little realise that they have arrived in the 17th century. The Doctor, Ben and Polly soon discover to their cost that these are far from hospitable times. The local Squire is at the head of a plot to offload contraband, whilst a long-rumoured hoard of stolen treasure has drawn attention to the village church. Inadvertently stumbling upon this web of deception and double-crossing, the time travellers are rapidly propelled into danger.

First Doctor” href=”1stdoctorpage”&gt,The Doctor’s encounter with the ill-fated Joseph Londfoot leaves him with a cryptic clue to the location of Avery’s Treasure. But a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing, as the fearsome pirate Samuel Pike is only too willing to prove. The Doctor realises that Pike and his bloodthirsty henchmen will stop at nothing – not even the threat of Avery’s Curse – to find and seize the ill-gotten hoard.

Ben and Polly, meanwhile, must choose their allies with care. It’s never certain who can be trusted, and the stakes are suddenly raised as smugglers and pirates go head to head with the local militia. Can the time travellers save an entire village from burning – and still escape to the TARDIS with their lives?

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