Flip Flop


Slihergees were blind creatures and hunted their prey by scent. Slithergees also used slaves as sight guides and had a fear of darkness.

A spacecraft carrying the Slithergee arrived in the orbit of the colony planet Puxatornee, requesting the permission to settle on the first moon. Otherwise, they would humbly threaten to declare all-out war. Interference from alternate futures – unwillingly aided by the Seventh Doctor – resulted in the creation of two timelines branching out from this event, with one timeline seeing a war being waged between the Slithergee and the human colonists that reduced Puxatornee to a radioactive cinder and the other seeing a policy of appeasement towards the Slithergee going so far that the Slithergee took complete control of the colony and prosecuted human objections as “hate crimes”. (Flip-Flop)

During Lucie Miller’s travels with The Monk, she attended the final of Thordon’s Got Talent, which was won by a singing member of this race. (The Resurrection of Mars)

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