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Ram played by Fady Elsayed




Ram Singh



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22 October 2016 to 3 December 2016

First Seen In:

For Tonight We Might Die

Last Appearance:

The Lost

Main Actor:

Fady Elsayed

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Ram Singh was a sixth form student atCoal Hill Academy. He played football for the school, and was in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Rachel before she was killed. (For Tonight We Might Die)


Ram was a cocky student who, according to Miss Quill, “hears silent applause” every time he entered a room. Rachel said she liked him because, deep down, his “sporting ego thing” wasn’t true. (For Tonight We Might Die)

He was somewhat of a bully to Charlie, (For Tonight We Might Die, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) and refused to be associated with “geeks”, making Tanya promise not to tell anyone that they did a Skype call together. (For Tonight We Might Die) At first reluctant to join the world-saving group, he eventually joined a Skype call, and figured out that the skin-peeling dragon was the same as the tattoo on Coach Dawson’s skin. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

After Rachel’s death, he didn’t want to talk about it with anyone, and felt he had to deal with it all on his ownat first, he chalked up finding Carroll’s bloody body to PTSD. He even offered himself up to the skin-peeling dragon, to kill him, because he didn’t want to go on any longer. After he survived this, April McClain assured him that he didn’t have to go through this all alone. (For Tonight We Might Die)


Ram lived with his father and arrived at school the day before the Autumn Prom that April McClain was organising. He knocked Charlie over when he saw him standing and not really paying attention. He also laughed at April when Charlie turned down her invitation to go to prom with her.

In 2016, On the football pitch, he spotted one of the Shadow Kin in shadow form pass over the football pitch and into a teammates shadow. He was distracted and lost the opportunity to score so his coach made him run laps.

One night, he was on a Skype call to Tanya who helped him with his homework. The two of them talked about having seen the shadows before as Ram noticed one right behind her in Tanya’s room. He called for help whilst Tanya tried to fight off the Shadow Kin that appeared in her bedroom before she managed to get rid of it by switching the main light on.

Singh was disbelieving when he discovered that Charlie and Miss Quill were aliens. He then after goes to prom with Rachel. His father tried to dissuade him from putting his girlfriend before his potential career but Ram ignores him. At the prom, Ram was nonetheless wary of the shadows and, like the others, kept an eye out for more Shadow Kin. He stuck to Rachel and the pair left the room. As Rachel told him that he didn’t”need to prove anything” to her, she was stabbed in front of Ram by a Shadow Kin – spattering him in her blood – and was disintegrated.

A grief-struck and furious Singh attacked the Shadow Kin which led to him having his right leg sliced off. He then attacked the Shadow Kin with a chair when it tried to take April with it back through the cracks in space time before he collapsed due to his injury. The Twelfth Doctor later provided him with a Lothan prosthetic limb which Ram had some difficulty in using. He became a member of the group though somewhat unwillingly. (For Tonight We Might Die)

After the events of the Prom night, Ram avoided talking to the rest of the group as he dealt with his grief alone. He struggled to play football with his new prosthetic and was frustrated by his inability to play anymore. When he went to talk to a coach, he found the body skinned and fled in panic whimsy re-experiencing Rachel’s death in his mind. When he returned mere moments later, he found no trace of the body and was asked to leave by Dawson.

Ram passed off what he saw as a PTSD-related hallucination and didn’t mention it. In class, the others tried to stick up for Ram when Miss Quill was harsh, he then becomes frustrated. He stormed out of the lesson and goes outside for a cigarette with one of the cleaners. They hear a noise from a dumpster but dismiss it as nothingat that moment, the cleaner was attacked by a dragon like creature. Ram tried to help her but she was flayed in front of him, he could do nothing but run and hide.

On Skype he told Tanya what had happened, so they decided to investigate however when they did so, they found nothing but Dawson. The Coach kicked them off the school grounds in which they left. Ram confronted the Coach during school about being reassigned to the Second Team and asked for his help. He noticed the coach’s tattoo move, but said nothing until he later realised, while on Skype with the others, that the dragon creature is the tattoo.

The four meet up outside school and witness the coach disposing of the skin remains of Mr Armitage and Ram confronted him on the matter. Miss Quill suddenly crashed through a window after being chased by the dragon creature. The Coach explained the tattoo on his skin was the creature’s mate and that the creature killed people for his mate to feed on as the coach couldn’t get her off of his skin.

The coach ordered the dragon to kill the children or he’d cut his skin and kill the mate. Ram begs the dragon to spare them all but himself, telling it about having lost someone and maybe it could negotiate on its own terms. The dragon considered and abducted the coach, dragging him back through the time crack to presumably be eaten.

Tanya convinced Ram that he didn’t have to deal with his grief alone. The same night, Ram tried practising football until his father came to talk to him. Ram finally explained everything, including his prosthetic leg, this meant his father decided to help him with practise. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

One Tuesday, Ram suddenly found himself in the body of John O’Donnell in the building of Joyriders company. Ram tried to bluff his way out through Steve Hopley, but his boss, Garry Fletcher, saw through the bluff and locked Ram in a dark room filled with corpses of aliens. After Fletcher left, Ram managed to escape by threatening Steve to cut O’Donnell’s body. He places a collect call to Tanya’s house and persuades her older brother Damon to tell her to bring everyone to Swallow Avenue just off Old Street, where he will be waiting for them. On the way back to Swallow Avenue, he is spotted by Fletcher in his car. Fletcher chases him on wheels and succeeds in running the body over, but not before Steve manages to reverse the swap returning Ram and O’Donnell each to their own bodies. (Joyride)

Ram tried to contact Tanya for help with the physics homework as he had done before but could not get through. He instead contacted April and discovered her love of folk music. Their Skype call was interrupted when knocking began on then window of his bedroom. Running into the street, Ram saw Lankin roots stretching across it. After realising that many people had been affected and wrapped up in Lankin roots, he called April and the two met up and kissed. Ram and April tried to stop the Lankin from feeding on Tanya’s grief but became trapped themselves. They were freed when Tanya and Miss Quill together killed the main root. (Nightvisiting)

He dated April MacLean for a brief period, but they broke up after Ram learned that April didn’t feel as strongly for him as he did towards her. (The Stone House, Detained)

After learning that April’s father he tried to console her once she had also told him that Corakinus was having more of an affect on her. When Dorothea Ames told him to take her home, they ended up having sex before being caught by her mother. He later left but stayed near her house. After April attacked her father using a Shadow Kin scimitar, she decided to travel to the Shadow Kin’s world, her chased after he and joined her there. (Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

He wandered around the caves of the Underneath and was almost attacked by a Shadow Kin before April killed it. He followed her to the palace of Corakinus and tried to persuade her out of killing Corakinus. This included showing her his faith and the practises he observed. He watched their fight until Corakinus ordered him to be killed. They managed to get back to Earth where he was impressed in how she was now a queen. (Brave-ish Heart)

He remained in detention while Quill was out and does not feature in the episode until the end (The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did)

He started to skip school after learning about his and April relationship differences. He spent his days practising his football skills with his father, and in one such event Corakinus returned and killed his father. He went to April as she was the only person he could confide in. After Corakinus decided to threaten April ‘s Mother, he admitted to her that he still loved her, but when she didn’t reply he decided to go to Leeds to see his mother. But before leaving he had a phone message from April telling him that she was afraid of telling him that she loved him but she did. He noticed that the Shadow Kin were starting to inhabit people’s shadows he went back to the school just in time to catch April when she fell after Charlie shot her. He got angry with Charlie for this. (The Lost)

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