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Miss Quill
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Miss Quill

Main Alias:

Warrior Queen



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22 October 2016 to 3 December 2016

First Seen In

For Tonight We Might Die

Last Appearance:

The Lost

Main Actor:

Katherine Kelly

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Miss Quill was the last of the Quill.


Miss Quilll was a blunt and sharp tongued teacher. In class, she was blunt and condescending towards her students. She broke Charlie’s phone when he attempted to internet search pop culture references, and mocked April when she tried to intervene. (For Tonight We Might Die)

Miss Quill was a blunt and sharp tongued teacher, and a strong, stern woman. In class, she was blunt and condescending towards her students. She broke Charlie’s phone when he attempted to internet search pop culture references, and mocked April when she tried to intervene. (For Tonight We Might Die) She believed that nobody liked her, or cared about the things she faced. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) She was also very bitter towards Charlie, likening her servitude to him as slavery due to the harsh conditions she had to face. (For Tonight We Might Die)

A week later, a robot was sent to spy on Miss Quill, disguised as an inspector from ofsted. Quill quickly began to suspect that he wasn’t human due to his inability to speak and his fast reflexes. She was annoyed that Charlie and his friends were more focused on a series of murders committed by a skin-peeling dragon than the inspector, so she decided to take matters into her own hands, and investigate the inspector by herself.

Quill approached the inspector in the school at night and asked what he wanted. He wrote in his notepad that he wanted her, leading to her assuming he was interested in her sexually. She quickly pushed him against a wall and began kissing him. They were interrupted by the dragon, and chased into a classroom. Not wanting to die, Quill pushed the inspector towards the dragon. Instead of being skinned, the inspector broke apart, revealing he was a robot. Shortly afterwards, the dragon left Coal Hill through the space-time rip. Quill then gathered the pieces of the inspector and analysed them, learning it was created by the Governors. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo)

When the Lankin arrived though the crack in time, in took the form of her sister Orla’ath to try and persuade her have some closure for her death. She got Charlie to stab it with a screwdriver, but it eventually dissipated. She then went with Charlie and Matteusz to Tanya Adeola’s flat to try and stop the main root of the creature. After  Matteusz found that it severing the roots didn’t work she found a double decker bus, and ran the main root over with it. (Nightvisiting)

She was willing to put somebody else’s life in danger to suit a bigger purpose, or, in Charlie’s case, so that she could actively fight (For Tonight We Might Die, The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) She claimed to have no issue with avenging genocide with more genocide. (For Tonight We Might Die) Very analytical, she displayed annoyance when people did not spot what she did, or when she had to explain what it meant. (The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo) Miss Quill felt a need to get back into action, and despite not being allowed to use it, eventually took a gun for herself. (Nightvisiting)

When the new Headteacher Dorothea Ames came to the school, Quill was intrigued as she came from The Governors. Ames showed her the Killer petals that were multiplying around the school and asked for her help in return for removing the arn in Quill’s brain. (Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart)

Quill believed that life tried to kill you from the moment you were born, “and the only proper response is to fight back at every moment”. (Brave-ish Heart)

She put Charlie, Matteusz, Ram, April and Tanya in detention to put them out of the way whilst she had her arn removed. (Detained)

Ames took her to the school hall, where she brought Ballon to join them in their journey. They entered the metaphysical engine in order to collect supplies for her surgery.

The three together collected an arn pheromone in Arn Heaven to calm the arn inside Quill’s head, and blood from the God of the Lorr in Lorr ap Thriss to unfreeze Ballon’s hands’ shapeshifting abilities to enable him to perform Quill’s surgery. Quill didn’t initially believe that they could remove the arn, but by their third destination, the first Quill nest, she started to believe that they really could do it, causing the arn to begin to fight back. She confronted the Quill Goddess who she didn’t believe in, but almost started to believe until Ballon killed it in order to take her Quill brain. He knew that everything would change for Quill is she had to recognise her Goddess, when her identity had already been formed.

With the arn removed, Miss Quill gets her eye back through a sacredits act of the Lorr. (The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did)

Their final destination was the Cabinet of Souls, where Ballon performed the surgery. Ballon managed to dislodge the arn and almost remove it but it reacted and made Quill jump, causing Ballon to rip out the arn losing her eye in the process. He used the last of his god’s blood sample to manipulate her body to create a new eye and heal the skin. She was left with a scar following this.

After beating the arn for all it had done to her, she had sex with Ballon in celebration. Afterwards, she noticed sand on the floor of the hall, and left onto the open terrain. Ames returned to tell her that only one person was able to escape the Cabinet with the metaphysical engine. She also left them Miss Quill’s displacement gun.

Ballon and Quill fought. Ballon got the gun and tried to use it against her, but it backfired and killed him. Quill buried him in the sand. The souls of the Rhodians visited her at this point and she screamed at them. Holding onto one of them, she felt pain and suddenly found her hair had grown out, as time worked functioned in the Cabinet.

Rhodian souls showed her the door to the Cabinet and she left, crawling out of the Cabinet of Souls in Charlie’s bedroom. (The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did) She went back to Coal Hill to confront Charlie and give him her arn, saving him from an alien rock that threatened him, in what she described as her final favour. (Detained) Soon after, she collapsed and Matteusz and Charlie noticed that she was heavily pregnant. (The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did)

She left for six days as part of the hibernation stage of the Quill pregnancy cycle. She woke up just after the Shadow Kin had returned to Earth. Immediately, she asked where Charlie had put her gun, but she didn’t get an answer. When Tanya turned up after her mother was killed, she was persuaded to go to the school with the Cabinet of Souls in order for Charlie to use it on the Shadow Kin. Arriving at the school she accompanied Tanya to the library in order to see whether or not Corakinus had killed her brother. When Corakinus arrived, she fought him and made him retreat. After this Tanya asked her to teach her how to fight, which she obliged to. When the Shadow Kin started to invade the world, she was trapped in a room with many of them. After Charlie became king and started the arming of the Cabinet of Souls, she with Tanya started to fight the Shadow Kin. Once the cabinet of souls was empty she stopped Charlie from being shot. (The Lost)


When Steve Hopley, Barry Taylor and James Banks took control of the bodies of Matteusz, April and Tanya to bring her and Charlie to Garry Fletcher, Miss Quill knocked April’s and Tanya’s bodies cold and took Charlie to investigate this Fletcher guy. When the three”joyriders” caught up with them and Banks threatened to cut Matteusz’s throat, Miss Quill temporarily conceded to Charlie’s pleas to submit to the “joyrider’s” demands. After Ram sorted the situation out, she easily extracted from Steve the information about the clients of Joyriders company and how to operate the body-swapping machine. (Joyride)

Following Tanya’s request, Miss Quill went with the others to check what was going on with an old stone house. She used a skeleton key to break into some of the rooms. When Aprilwas knocked unconscious by the unseen female bone spider, Miss Quill carried April downstairs. The spider materialised Miss Quill’s fear that someone who had loved her would never forgive her. (The Stone House)

Two things made Miss Quill’s life on Earth passable. One of them was coffee, and the other she preferred to be kept secret. (The Stone House)

She enjoyed Orange is the New Black. (The Stone House)

Charlie told her that Matteusz couldn’t stop talking, and she came to help given that she was sworn to protect him. She found it funny when Charlie fell under the same condition. She realised that it was making them tell the truth. Quill asked Matteusz about how the situation started. She theorised it was an alien being that came through one of the cracks. Upon realising that the symptoms transferred upon saying the words”I Love You”. Quill realised that both Matteusz and Charlie knew something about the creature was getting them to say stuff they couldn’t possibly know. She worked out that it was a parasite, and it was clearing information from her brain so it take over her permanently. After using Matteusz as bait, she took it back from Charlie and started to converse with the parasite, the Infarmi. She tried to get it to inhabit the Arn. She went away from them, which Charlie thought was part of the Infarmi’s plan. She then had an idea to let it loose on the world. (Tell Me You Love Me)

She had placed her own alarms around the school, separate to the schools system. She met Ace in the Gym shortly before a Dalek arrived. When Quill realised Ace knew The Doctor, she told Ace how unreliable he is. She didn’t like the fact that Ace mentioned war stories. After Ace tried to blow up the Dalek, she kicked the Dalek. She told the Dalek that she wouldn’t allow it to dictate her life. She helped the Dalek to repair itself. She told the Dalek that it wouldn’t survive without it’s casing. She told Ace on how she was the hope of the Quill race before they all died, and how she didn’t like her existence now on Earth. She told Ace that she had to do anything she could to get Charlie back. After the Dalek opened up the tear, she saved Charlie from being exterminated. (In Remembrance)


Miss Quill’s real appearance could make humans scream. (Joyride) A part of the Lankin pretending to be her sister Orla’ath said she wore her human appearance well. (Nightvisiting)


She was a freedom fighter on her home world Rhodia. When the Rhodians defeated her species, Miss Quilll was enslaved by the Rhodian prince Charlie before the Shadow Kin arrived. She and Charlie were rescued from there by the Twelfth Doctor, in the midst of the war. She was brought to Coal Hill Academy in 2016, together with Charlie, where she posed as a teacher from Sheffield.

Miss quilll continued to live with Charlie who confronted her about Kevin’s supposed disappearanceat night in the school she hid with a student named Kevin from a Shadow Kin that materialised. Unable to use a weapon on the creature due to the terms of her enslavement to Charlie, she ordered Kevin to do it. The weapon killed both him and the Shadow Kin. (For Tonight We Might Die)


In The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, we see a plaque that tells us the Barbara Wright Building was completed in spring 2016.

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