Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Tracey Childs (Dr Elizabeth Klein), Christian Edwards (Will Arrowsmith), David Sibley (Kurt Schalk), Jonathan Forbes (Lukas Hinterberger), Paul Chahidi (The Shepherd/Bondsman Tango-Veldt), Miranda Raison (The Shepherdess/Acquisitor Prime), Gemma Whelan (Casta/The Sylph/Khlecht)


The Umbrella Man is back. But when The Doctor recruits UNIT’s Scientific Adviser Elizabeth Klein for an off-the-books mission to the apocalyptic final days of Hitler’s Germany, he isn’t expecting Klein’s hapless young assistant, Will Arrowsmith, to be joining them too.

The Doctor isn’t the only alien creature seeking to loot a very particular secret from a Nazi base in Dusseldorf, however. Strange and sinister beings are converging on the same time/space location in search of the scientist Schalk, whose experiments are the key to a devastating power…

The powerof Persuasion.

Written by: Jonathan Barnes

Directed by: Ken Bentley


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  • Persuasion was the first story in the 2013 Seventh Doctor audio trilogy
  • The TARDIS has recently undergone an overhaul and contains within it a star chamber holding an entire galaxy that The Doctor materialised around to save from a deadly ravenous virus.
  • Will notes the Victorian look of the TARDIS console room. According to UNIT files, the seventh incarnation is the most dangerous of The Doctors.
  • The Shepard and Shepherdess move from universe to universe, reshaping them and then escaping immediately before the collapse. They have done this a billion times.
  • The whole universe is aware of the Persuasion machine. This kind of universal knowledge will happen again with the Last Great Time War, the Pandorica, (The Pandorica Opens) The Doctor’s death in an alternate timeline, (The Wedding of River Song) and the Question on Trenzalore. (The Time of the Doctor)

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