Patricia Ryder



Patricia Ryder


Mary Miller

First Seen In:

Horror of Glam Rock


The Zygon Who Fell to Earth

Main Actor Voice Actor:

Lynsey Hardwick


Patricia Ryder was the sister of Mary Miller and the aunt of Lucie Miller.

In 1974, Pat was the drummer of a band called Methylated Spirits. She helped the Eighth Doctor and Lucie with the Only Ones. Lucie accidentally told her about her future. (Horror of Glam Rock)

Pat once got twenty thousand pounds from an insurance company following an accident with a hedge-trimmer. (Human Resources)

She later met and fell in love with a former Zygon warlord named Trevor, or Haygoth. They met at the Kendal Folk Festival in 1979. Trevor gave Pat a necklace, which fused to her flesh, that was actually a Zygon device he wished to keep from the other Zygons. She and Trevor also got married.

Lucie and the Doctor met Pat again in 1984, and discovered that her husband was a Zygon. She was killed by Trevor’s former warriors, but unknown to Lucie, her husband decided to keep her shape to honour her. The Auntie Pat that Lucie grew up with was actually Haygoth. (The Zygon Who Fell to Earth)

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