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Thin Ice

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Nicholas Burns


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Lord Sutcliffe was a business man of sorts, who utlised a sea serpent underneath the River Thames by feeding it humans attracted to the frost fairs who were eaten by the creature. It would later defecate feces which could burn for longer and hotter than coal, even underwater which was greater than anything they had at the time of the Industrial Revolution. He kept the creature chained up underneath the Thames and as a result would cause the Thames to freeze over. Sutcliffe used this to lure people into the frost fairs which he’d feed the creature with to carry on producing his fuel. He also had two of his men convince con artists to lure others there and rob them to increase the size of the crowds further.

On 8 February, 1814, the first frost fair in years had arrived. As the frost fairs were becoming a rare occurrence, he planned to detonate an explosive which would crack the ice and feed everyone in it to the creature to carry on his fuel. However, the Twelfth Doctor and Bill learned of his endeavours, The Doctor outright assaulting him. However, the man had his henchmen capture the pair and sent to the lake where he planned to feed them to the creature as well. However, the pair escaped, Bill convincing the people to get off the ice while The Doctor rewired the explosives to free the creature. As a result, the ice cracked but only Sutcliffe was on it to fall in and drown.

He left a will to his cousin when he died, but The Doctor rewrote it to be granted to the orphans on the streets of the frost fair instead. (Thin Ice)

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