Sleep No More


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Sleep No More

Series 9

Episode 9

First Transmitted

14 November 2015

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Regular Cast
Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara)

Guest Cast

Reece Shearsmith (Rassmusssen), Elaine Tan (Nagata), Neet Mohan (Chopra), Bethany Black (474), (Paul Courtenay Hyu (Deep-Ando), Paul Davis, Tom Wilton, Mat thew Doman (Monster Actors), Zina Badran (Morpheus Presenter), Natasha Patel, Elizabeth Chong, Nikkita Chadha, Gracie Lai (Hologram Singers)


Written by Mark Gattis
Directed by Justin Molotnikov
Produced by Nikki Wilson


This terrifying story is assembled from footage discovered in the wreckage of Le Verrier Space Station.


  • The Morpheus sleep deprivation pods play a hologram of the song Mr. Sandman, and is used as a key on the security system.
  • The Doctor argues with Clara’s naming of the Sandmen, saying that he does the naming. He complains that “it’s the Silurians all over again.”
  • The Doctor quotes from Macbeth.
  • The Rani previously used sleep deprivation to improve her workforce on Miasimia Goria. (The Mark of the Rani, Planet of the Rani)
  • The creatures are named the sandmen. The Twelfth Doctor has been called the Sandman in the past. (The Sandman, Afterlife)
  • The Doctor uses his psychic paper and sonic sunglasses. (The End of the World, The Magician’s Apprentice)
  • Nagata suspects the space station could be attacked by space pirates. (The Space Pirates)
  • The Doctor says, “When I say run, run, ” which the Second Doctor often used as a catchphrase.
  • This is the first televised episode of Doctor Who to carry no opening titles. The episode title and writer cr were instead placed at the start of the closing credits. The Big Finish audio story LIVE 34 previously utilised a similar format of presentation, with no titles or credits whatsoever. However, when Rassmussen’s initial video footage ends, the series title appears in the form of a code.
  • The story is notable for using the found footage format, and for using elements of first person monologue told by Professor Rassmusssen. It is also notable for being the first episode in the series to cast an openly transgender actress (Bethany Black)
  • The audience is given a warning prior to the beginning of the story, (The Bells of St John) albeit not to watch the episode, rather than avoid a mysterious Wi-Fi icon.
  • Nagata suspects the space station could be attacked by space pirates. (The Space Pirates)
  • The Doctor references his preference for being the one to name the monsters. (Flatline) He also invokes the naming of the Silurians. (The Silurians)
  • Despite her earlier actions regarding them, Clara has been entrusted with a TARDIS key. (Dark Water)
  • The Doctor has heard”Mr. Sandman “performed before. (Delta and the Bannermen)
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