Time Heist


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Time Heist

Series 8

Episode 5

First Transmitted

21 September 2014

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Regular Cast

Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara)

Guest Cast

Keeley Hawes (Madame Karabraxos), Jonathan Bailey (Psi), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Saibra), Keeley Hawes (Ms Delphox), Mark Ebulue (Guard), Trevor Sellers (Mr Porrima), Junior Laniyan (Suited Customer), Ross Mullan (The Teller). Samuel Anderson (Danny Pink)


Written by Steve Thompson/Steven Moffat
Directed by Douglas Mackinnon
Produced by Peter Bennett


The Doctor and Clara receive a mysterious phonecall, and find themselves with lost memories in a maximum security bank.

Their job: to rob the bank, but they don’t know what they are stealing and why.


  • The bank has computer files on a Sensorite, Androvax, Kahler-Tek, a Terileptil, John Hart, Abslom Daak, an Ice Warrior, the Slitheen family, a Weevil and The Trickster.
    Psi and Saibra identify as human variants: augmented human and mutant human respectively.
  • Memory worms are used again to delete memories, this time of the Doctor and his heist team.
  • This is the second episode, after Robot of Sherwood to capitalise its title during the opening credits.
  • Also it shares the same pre-opening theme sound with Robot of Sherwood which, interestingly, is the Seasons 1 to 4’s.
  • The script and rough-cut of this episode were leaked online before it was broadcast.
  • Keeley Hawes (Ms Delphox) is not credited as Karabraxos, presumably as she appeared mostly as Delphox.
  • The episode contains an image of Abslom Daak, a character who originated in comic stories. This is one of the few examples of a episode referencing a character who originated outside of the series itself. Daak’s image appears among a number of other characters from past seasons of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. An image of James Marsters as Captain John Hart is also seen, marking the first on-screen reference to a Torchwood character in Doctor Who since The End of Time Part 2.
  • The Teller is played by Ross Mullan. You may not recognise his face but he also played a Silent in The Time of the Doctor
  • “Or we could go to Brighton…” If The Doctor suggests a trip to Brighton – watch out! When he tried to take Leela to the coastal resort they ended up miles away, on Fang Rock, facing a Rutan invasion. Later, when he attempted to attend the opening of the Brighton Pavilion he got the time wrong and the place right but the visit still ended in disaster when K9 was blown up whilst taking a dip on Brighton beach! Check out Horror of Fang Rock and The Leisure Hive to find out more about both adventures.
  • “You agreed to rob the most impregnable bank in history…” Looks like The Doctor has got over his antipathy towards that adjective! In Robot, the Fourth Doctor tells the Brigadier that he, ‘Never cared much for the word impregnable. Sounds a bit too much like unsinkable.’ When his old friend asked what was wrong with ‘unsinkable’, he replied, ‘Nothing, as the iceberg said to the Titanic…’
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