Robot of Sherwood


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Robot of Sherwood

Series 8

Episode 3

First Transmitted

6 September 2014

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Regular Cast

Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara)

Guest Cast

Robin (Tom Riley), Quayle (Roger Ashton-Griffiths), Sheriff (Ben Miller), Alan-a-Dale (Ian Hallard), Friar Tuck (Trevor Cooper), Little John (Rusty Goffe), Will Scarlett (Joseph Kennedy), Walter (Adam Jones), Quayle’s ward (Sabrina Bartlett), Herald (David Benson), Guard (David Langham), Knight (Tim Baggaley), Voice of the Knights (Richard Elfyn)


Written by Mark Gattis
Directed by Paul Murphy
Produced by Nikki Wilson


In a sun-dappled Sherwood forest, The Doctor discovers an evil plan from beyond the stars and strikes up an unlikely alliance with Robin Hood.

With all of Nottingham at stake, The Doctor must decide who is real and who is fake.

Can impossible heroes really exist?


  • The archery contest was staged in Caerphilly Castle, previously used in a number of episodes such as Nightmare In Silver and Vampires of Venice. Several scenes in the woods were shot in Fforest Fawr, near Caerphilly, a location that doubled for Germany in the Tenth Doctor adventure, The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End
  • The Doctor name checks Richard the Lionheart during his battle with Robin. He’s referring to Richard I of England, the 12th Century monarch he encountered in the 1965 adventure, The Crusade. The The Doctor would meet the android Kamelion masquerading as the then King John in 1215. (The King’s Demons)
  • &ldquo,What about Mars? The Ice Warrior hives!&rdquo, The most recent Ice Warrior adventure was Cold War, an Eleventh Doctor story which, like Robot of Sherwood, was written by Mark Gatiss.
  • Trevor Cooper (Friar Tuck) played Takis inthe Sixth Doctor adventure, Revelation of the Daleks. And if Ian Hallard – here starring as Alan-a-Dale – looks familiar, it’s possibly because he played Richard Martin in An Adventure in Space and Time, the drama that chronicled the early days of Doctor Who.
  • The Doctor suggests to Clara that they are inside a miniscope upon encountering Robin Hood and his Merry Men in Sherwood Forest. (Carnival of Monsters)
  • This is not the first time that Doctor has encountered a spaceship disguised as a castle. (State of Decay)
  • The Doctor discovers that the spaceship was headed to the Promised Land, just like the Half-Face Man. (Deep Breath)
  • The Doctor uses Venusian aikido to disarm Robin Hood, complete with”Hai” same as his Third Incarnationcommonly did. (The Mind of Evil, Inferno, The Claws of Axos.)
  • The Doctor previously met a ship that needed Gold to repair the engines, in his Fifth Doctor“>fifth incarnation the Djinni used the gold the Black Guardian horded from the Caliph and compressed it to make a warp manifold, the fifth segment to the Key to Time. (The Destroyer of Delights)
  • Once again the Twelfth Doctor calls someone a “pudding brain”. (Deep Breath)
  • The Doctor and Robin Hood escape the cell by feigning a possession in the same way as Ben and Polly did in The Smugglers.
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