The Girl Who Waited


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The Girl Who Waited

Series 6

Episode 10

First Transmitted

11 September 2011

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Series 6 Set


Series 6 Volume 2 DVD


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Regular Cast

Matt Smith (The Doctor), Karen Gillan (Amy), Arthur Darvill (Rory)

Guest Cast

Josie Taylor (Check-In Girl), Imelda Staunton (Voice of Interface), Stephen Bracken-Keogh (Voice of Handbots)


Written by Tom MacRae
Directed by Nick Hurran
Produced by Marcus Wilson


Amy is trapped in a quarantine facility for victims of an alien plague – a plague that will kill The Doctor in a day – as the time-travelling drama continues.

The Doctor can use the TARDIS to smash through time and break in, but then Rory is on his own. He must find Amy and bring her back to the TARDIS before the alien doctors can administer their medicine.

Rory is about to encounter a very different side to his wife. Can he rescue Amy before she is killed by kindness?


  • The episode’s original title was The Visitors’ Room. This changed to The Visiting Hourand later, the one-word title, Kindness. Despite many reports to the contrary, there was no late change to the adventure’s title and at no point was it ever called The Green Anchor
  • The title, The Girl Who Waited, references The Doctor’s nickname of Amy, given because she waited for him for so long after they first met. (The Eleventh Hour, The Big Bang)
  • The episode’s original title was The Visitors’ Room. This changed to The Visiting Hour and later the one-word title Kindness. Despite many reports to the contrary, there was no late change to the adventure’s title and at no point was it ever called The Green Anchor.
  • The cast list for this episode is the shortest of any full length episode of modern  Doctor Who. Considering the classic series, it is second only to The Edge of Destruction for least cast members.
  • When The Doctor looks for the glasses, a small tape player looking device activates on the TARDIS console and the 1963 Doctor Who theme can be heard, played backwards.
  • The lobby where Amy first encounters the Interface is identical to the lobby of the New New York Hospital seen in New Earth.
  • As is routine for post-2005 Doctor Who, a “NEXT TIME” trailer for the next episode is shown at the end of the episode.
  • This episode shows a much darker side of the Doctor, as he lies to the Amys about their chances of existing at the same time, and in the end locks out the older Amy as she runs for the TARDIS, condemning her to erasure.
  • This is the first time an incarnation has rarely showed a dark side to himself in his second season since the Seventh Doctor.
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