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22 April 2017

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Regular Cast
Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts), Matt Lucas (Nardole)

Guest Cast

Kaizer Akhtar (Praiseworthy), Mina Anwar (Goodthing), Kiran L. Dadlani(Kezzia), Craig Garner (Emojibot), Ralf Little (Steadfast), Kiran Shah (Emojibot), Kalungi Ssebandeke (Nate)


Written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce
Directed by Lawrence Gough
Produced by Peter Bennett


The Doctor takes Bill to the colony Gliese 581 D. It’ a bright, sunny world, tended by the tiny bird-like Vardies and their user interface €“ the Emojibots. There’ just one thing missing: the colonists. As The Doctor and Bill investigate, they discover that to keep smiling is their only hope of staying alive


  • The Doctor says that Scotland demands independence every planet they go to. In real world current events, at the time of this episode’s release, Scotland was again seeking independence from the united Kingdom, as a result of Brexit.
  • The Doctor and Bill are served squares of algae jelly.
  • The Emojitbots speak emoji

    😃 – smiling face
    😊 – happy face
    💀 – a skull a symbol of death
    😢 – crying face, one tear
    😭 – crying face, two tears
    💡 – a light bulb, symbolising a new idea forming
    😕 – puzzled face
    😮 – shocked face
    😯 – interested face
    😰 – worried face
    😦 – confused face
    🤔 – thoughtful face, can also have a drop of sweat
    😐 – suspicious face
    🤗 – open-armed smiling face
    😵 – dead face
    🔫 – under attack
    😡 – anger
    🗝 – key, interacting with locks
    ❓ – question mark, indicating confusion, can also be a face with a question mark above
    👍 – thumbs up, indicating approval
    💷 – pound sterling, indicating an interest in monetary gain

    – According to Bill, it smells of fish.
    – The Doctor does not like fish.

  • The Emojibots are an interface of the Vardi.
  • The Doctor and Bill receive sound implants on arrival at the colony.
  • All inhabitants and visitors are given mood badges.
  • Bill’s smart phone is also a camera phone, meaning she can take a picture of the map.
  • The Vardi can eat other species, leaving behind bones and skulls.
  • The Vardi can cloak themselves as buildings by staying really close together.
  • Nardole reminds The Doctor that he can’t go off-world because he promised. (The Pilot)
  • Bill again calls The Doctor “a penguin with its arse on fire” when she sees him run. (The Pilot)
  • The Doctor states that the TARDIS takes him where they need to go, rather than where they want to. (The Doctor’s Wife)
  • There’s a bust of Queen Nefertiti in the spaceship. (Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)
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