Makerof Demons

Makerof Demons
Makerof Demons

Regular Cast

Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor), Bonnie Langford (Mel), Sophie Aldred (Ace), Andrew Hall (Alonso/Caliban/Gonzalo), Lucy Briggs-Owen (Miranda), Rachel Atkins (Juno), Ewan Goddard (Talpa), Aaron Neil (Stephano/Klossi/Trink/Setebos).


Decades ago, the mysterious time-travelling Doctor and his cheerful companion Mel became the toast of the planet Prosper, when they brokered a peace between the native Mogera and humans from the colony ship The Duke of Milan.

But when the TARDIS at last returns to Prosper, The Doctor, Mel and their associate Ace find only a warzone. The burrowing Mogera have become brutal monsters, dominated by their terrifying leader Caliban – and it’s all The Doctor’s fault!

Written by: Matthew J Elliott
Directed by: Ken Bentley



  • Makerof Demons was the two hundred and sixteenth story in Big Finish’s monthly range. It featured the Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Mel reunited after Dragonfire.
  • The Doctor and Mel once defeated a Vardan invasion of Earth with the help of Nikola Tesla. On anotheroccasion, they encountered weretarantulas on Vyga 3.
  • One of the items on The Doctor’s bucket list was to sing a duet with Frank Sinatra. He did so the previous week. Mel notes that they were lucky to escape with their lives since Sinatra was less accommodating than The Doctor had hoped.
  • The Doctor mentions Polly, Tegan, and Sharon. Mel comments that she had never heard him mention Sharon before.
  • The First Doctor and Dodo Chaplet once travelled aboard the Golden Hind.
  • The Doctor claims that he hasn’t been responsible for the deaths of millions before.
    After being injured, The Doctor is worried that he may have regenerated.
  • Neither The Doctor nor Mel have ever heard of the actor Coragio Welkin.
  • The Doctor plays the spoons, to Mel’s irritation. (Time and the Rani, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Bang-Bang-a-Boom!, Colditz)
  • The Doctor compares the crew of the Duke of Milan to Minyans (Underworld) and Anethans. (The Horns of Nimon)
  • The Doctor intends to cross off “find out what happened to the dinosaurs” off his bucket list. (Earthshock)
  • The Doctor mentions that he once visited Vyga 3 with Mel. (The Seventh Segment)
  • The Doctor and Mel once visited Dido. (The Rescue)
  • The Doctor tells Ace that rocket packs are not always a positive sign. (The Rocket Men, Return of the Rocket Men, Requiem for the Rocket Men)
  • The Doctor refers to the TARDIS secondary control room. (The Masque of Mandragora)
  • The Doctor refers to the pop singer Johnny Chess, the son of the First Doctor’s former companions Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright. (Timewyrm: Revelation, Byzantium!)
  • Trink refers to Sandminers. (The Robots of Death)
  • Mel reminds The Doctor that she is a vegetarian. (Millennial Rites, Business Unusual, The Fires of Vulcan)
  • Mel refers to The Doctor altering history in Pompeii in August 79. (The Fires of Vulcan)
  • Ace mentions that she has recently encountered the Porcians. (You Are The Doctor)
  • Alonso tells The Doctor that he is”probably not the human that you were expecting”. (The Night of the Doctor)
  • During his eleventh incarnation, The Doctor sang another duet with Sinatra, this time much more successfully, at a Hollywood party in 1952. (A Christmas Carol)
  • In a parallel universe, The Doctor and his granddaughter Susan travelled aboard another version of the Golden Hind, a space galleon, in 1588. (A Storm of Angels)

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