Time Lord

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First Seen In

The Ancestor Cell


The Gallifrey Chronicles


Mali was a member of the Time Lord Military during the War in Heaven.

Mali had a good postgraduate degree in parallax theory. She had served in the Time Lord Military for some time by the time of the War, earning her the title of “combat elite”.

She was present on Romana III’s Gallifrey when Faction Paradox invaded. She helped the Eighth Doctor enter the Matrix in an attempt to eradicate the Faction virus from his biodata. She helped The Doctor to discover the plot to place Greyjan the Sane as President of Gallifrey and joined him on his trip to the Edifice. (The Ancestor Cell)

She was with her President, Romana III near the end of the invasion. Together they attempted to restore Gallifrey from one of the Nine Gallifreys, but found that the Faction had erased them all. Shortly after, Faction Paradox skulltroopers closed in on them and fired two shots. (The Gallifrey Chronicles)


Mali was tall, her dark-blue eyes set wide apart on her square face, and had closely cropped auburn hair. (The Ancestor Cell)

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