Lysandra Aristedes



Alice Obiefune


Project Valhalla
Project: Destiny, Project: Nirvana, Protect and Survive, Black and White, Gods and Monsters

Main Voice Actor:

Maggie O’Neill


Lysandra Aristedes, code-name Perseus while working for the Forge, was a companion of the Seventh Doctor. She inhabited the Black TARDIS, as did Sally Morgan. (Project: Nirvana, Black and White)


She was born in 1982. As a young child, her favourite television series was Jimbo and the Jet-Set. (Gods and Monsters)

Working with the Forge

Lysandra was seconded to the Forge as a corporal, sometime between 2002 and 2004. During this time she hunted down a lone grey alien in the New Forest, harvested a Slarvian at a peace conference, and investigated an alien prison ship which crashed in the Laplands. (Project Valhalla)
Sometime before early 2008, she was transferred to Internal Counter-Intelligence Service. While she was in ICIS, many of her colleagues at the Forge were killed when the Forge Alpha Facility was destroyed. (Project: Destiny)

By 2015, she was a sergeant. (Project: Nirvana)

Lysandra stayed in London with Nimrod and Jarrod when it was evacuated due to the Forge accidentally released a contagious alien intelligence.the Seventh Doctor, Ace, and Hex landed in London at the time and met up with the Forge. Initially, Lysandra was very hostile towards The Doctor, blaming him for the deaths of her friends when the Alpha Facility was destroyed, telling Ace that he was ‘corrupting’ her with his alien morality. However, when Lysandra realised that Nimrod had altered The Doctor’s cure to theContagion to kill all of the infected instead of curing them, she decided he was unfit to lead the Forge, simultaneously recognising that The Doctor was better than she believed as he had gone to great lengths to find a cure and was clearly outraged at what Nimrod had done. Activating the Destiny Protocol, Lysandra became the new director of the Forge under the authority of the Prime Minister. She decided that it would be too late to recreate The Doctor’s original cure and ordered that the Royal Air Force destroy all of the infected with distronic missiles. (Project: Destiny)

Travels with The Doctor

Three months later, Kai’lizakia attempted to steal technology from the Forge by creating a cult known as the Sons of Kai.the Seventh Doctor and Sally Morgan came to London at this time and the Doctor had Sally infiltrate Lysandra’s troop. When Lysandra’s troop fought Kai’lizakia, The Doctor became involved and killed the Elder God with a Cyber-Planner’s cerebral cortex. Afterwards, The Doctor asked Lysandra if she wanted to travel with him. Lysandra said yes and she gave The Doctor the technology Kai’lizakia had been trying to steal. (Black and White)
At some point, she taught Sally how to fly a helicopter. (Signs and Wonders)

The Doctor sent her and Sally on a mission to Romania in 2015. She knew what The Doctor wanted but didn’t tell Sally. She encountered her younger self, and discovered Nimrod had brainwashed her, so she couldn’t be possessed by Derleth. Although, that didn’t work and she had been possessed. However, Lysandra and Sally defeated Derleth. (Project: Nirvana)

She travelled with Ace in the Black TARDIS, whilst Hex and Sally travelled to 5th century Denmark to find The Doctor. Upon landing she started to explore she encountered Garundel who told her of how he met The Doctor. Garundel captured her but she escaped and tried to get The Doctor out of the regenerative pods. She discovered that he was looking for Weyland Shield, and she helped Garundel to survive decapitation. (Black and White)

When the TARDIS was coloured blue again, she travelled with Ace, Hex, and Sally to the land of Fenric. She tried to kill Fenric, not knowing that he wouldn’t be affected. She was placed in a time storm, flung into Sally’s future, where she found that she was trapped by Sally’s future platoon. Sally set the truth sayer on her. She knew the codes that would destroy the world via the Higgs Killer, it was Nimrod’s secret. She was rescued by Peggy Marsden. She tried to kill Fenric, but was attacked by the Haemovore, her faith in the Forge saved her. When Hex was possessed by Fenric, she was the one to grant Hex’s wish and opened the TARDIS’s doors to for Hex to sacrifice himself. (Gods and Monsters)

After this happened, The Doctor deposited Lysandra to fight in a war in the African States in her native time. (Afterlife)

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