The Lost Angel

The Lost Angel
The Lost Angel


Kerry Shale reads an exciting original story featuring the 12th Doctor, as played on by Peter Capaldi, in an adventure with the Weeping Angels.

All Alex Yow wants is to become a photo-journalist and break her first story. All Brandon Yow wants is for his sister to keep out of trouble and come home. But that’s not going to happen, because Alex has taken a picture of a statue. A statue that can move.

A statue that makes people disappear. A statue that is hunting them down.

In upstate New York, The Doctor is chasing weird energies that should not exist. Teaming up with Alex and Brandon, he discovers a powerful force enslaved to another’s will. Who controls the lonely assassin that prowls the streets? What secrets are the residence of Rickman hiding? And will Alex and Brandon survive the night of the Weeping Angels?

Kerry Shale, who played Dr Renfrew in the story Day of the Moon, reads this action-packed original audiobook by George Mann and Cavan Scott, based on the hit BBC series.


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  • The Lost Angel was an exclusive-to-audio story from BBC Audio featuring the Twelfth Doctor. It was read by Kerry Shale.
  • It saw limited release a day prior to the supposed release date.
  • The Weeping Angel is connected to a gallifreyan stone.
  • The Doctor finds a piece of paper with Old High Gallifreyan writing on it. It contains an incantatedition to bind a Weeping Angel.
  • This story introduced Alex and Brandon Yow, the first NSA original ongoing companions.
  • The Twelfth Doctor encountered the Weeping Angels before. (Hell Bent, Don’t Blink) The Doctor has also encountered Weeping Angels in New York state before in both his eighth (The Side of the Angels) and eleventh (The Angels Take Manhattan) incarnations.


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