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Series 1

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John Leeson (K9), Philippa Coulhard (Jorjie), Keegan Joyce (Starkey), Daniel Webber (Darius), Robert Moloney (Gryffen), Robyn Moore (June), Connor Van Vuuren (Inspector Drake), Jared Robinsen  (Inspector Thorne)


Written by Shayne Armstrong/S.P. Krause
Directed by David Caesar/David Napier
Produced by Penny Wall/Richard Stewart/Simon Barnes


Starkey goes into to hiding from the Department and the surviving Jixen warrior.

Jorjie finds out that the Department has imprisoned innocent aliens, so K9 and the team break into The Department’s prison to set them free.


at the mansion Gryffen is watching a recording of his wife and children. Darius doesn’t like Starkey staying but K9 insists that he must because the Jixen will find him very soon. Jorjie turns up and talks to the others about travelling through time via the STM, Darius argues that it’s too dangerous and anything could come through. Suddenly the STM activates and a couple of Black rats come through, scaring Darius. K9 informs Gryffen that the Jixen is on the loose heading for the Department’s alien prison which holds a Meron, the Jixen’s sworn enemy. Starkey suggests going to the prison to defeat The Jixen but K9 says it’s too dangerous. Gryffen asks K9 to go to the prison and find the Jixen. While Darius is with Mariah, Starkey asks him to come with him to help K9, Darius agrees but only with the promise that Starkey will leave. While moving towards the Prison K9 is seen by the Department security cameras. K9 is attacked by the Department’s defense robots which stops him and he falls in a dustbin that Starkey and Darius walk by and none the wiser about him crashing in the bin.

Starkey and Darius make it to the prison, only to be apprehended by the CCPCs. They are met by Inspector Thorne, the governor of the prison who throws them in a cell with an alien. June comes in and takes Darius’s communications device and contacts Gryffen who wants to know why the Department is holding aliens. She says they need to be catalogued to look out for others of their species, Gryffen says that if the aliens are innocent they won’t cause any harm but she insists it’s the only way. She offers to release Starkey if he can give K9 to her but he refuses. Back at the mansion Gryffen is tracking K9 and manages to reactivate him by making the sound of a ball. K9 then makes his way to the prison. Jorjie sees Starkey and Darius in their cell, Darius gives her a card he took from Thorne so she can free them and the other aliens. The CCPCs are sent to stop them. While all the prisoners make their way out Starkey is cornered by the Jixen but is saved by K9. The others go to a locked door which Darius tries to unlock.

To stop the Jixen, Starkey puts his jacket, which contains the Jixen tracking slime, in a cell which the Jixen then finds. Starkey then locks the cell, a Department officer walks in who reveals his true Meron form and attacks K9. As he attacks Starkey the Jixen makes a loud scream which makes the Meron retreat. Thorne and June go to a locked room to hide from the Jixen but when June spots K9 on a camera she suggests they go and capture him, Thorne refuses but she unlocks the door and leaves anyway. Starkey and K9 meet up with the others and they all manage to escape but are met by June who tells them they are blocked by a forcefield, Jorjie then reveals to her that she helped the aliens. The Jixen arrives and attacks Starkey and June, K9 tries to fight it but exhausts his firepower. June gives Jorjie the forcefield device and tells her to attach it to the Jixen. Starkey manages to do it and kills the Jixen.

Later, Starkey is hacking into the display board terminal again but is met by two CCPCs, K9 moves to protect him and they both run away.


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