Doctor Who and the Green Death

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The Green DeathThe Green Death


Pages 142
ISBN 0-426-11543-0
Publication Date 21 August 1975


1975 Target Books edition

The Green Death begins slowly. In a small Welsh mining village a man emerges from the disused colliery covered in a green fungus. Minutes later he is dead. UNIT, Jo Grant and Doctor Who in tow, arrive on the scene to investigate, but strangely reluctant to assist their enquiries is Dr Stevens, director of the local refinery Panorama Chemicals.

Are they in time to destroy the mysterious power which threatens them all before the whole village, and even the world, is wiped out by a deadly swarm of green maggots?



  1. ‘Wealth in our time!’
  2. The Doctor Plans a Holiday
  3. Land of My Fathers
  4. Into the Mine
  5. Escape!
  6. The Sluice Pipe
  7. The Egg
  8. The Maggots
  9. The Swarm
  10. The Green Death
  11. The Chrysalis
  12. One World, One People, One BOSS!


  • The refinery is called Panorama Chemicals in the book, whereas in the TV version it’s called Global Chemicals.
  • Dr Ralph Arnold Fell is renamed Dr Arnold Bell.
  • Jo wonders if The Doctor has fallen in love with her.
  • The Doctor mourns killing the giant dragonfly.
  • Stevens’s efforts to destroy BOSS are observed by The Doctor. He considers whether he should carry the man to safety, but instead decides to leave him in the company of the only friend he ever trusted. The Time Lord laments the destruction and wonders how many slaves and semi-slaves perished in the inferno.
  • Cliff proclaims his love to Jo as UNIT begin their bombing run of the slag heap.
  • Following the refinery’s collapse, the guard at the front gate remarks that before reconditioning he was a bus driver en route to West End. He has no idea of how he came to work there.
  • In the final moments of the story, after Jo has chosen to remain with Cliff, The Doctor is mentioned to be 725-years-old.

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