The Early Adventures: The Sontarans

The Early Adventures: The Sontarans
The Early Adventures: The Sontarans

Regular Cast

Peter Purves (Steven/The Doctor/Narrator), Jean Marsh (Sara Kingdom), Dan Starkey (Corporal Ellis/Slite/Shrok/Stack/Commander), Jemma Churchill (Captain Papas), John Banks (Corporal Gage), Rosanna Miles (Tinder/Human Soldier)


The TARDIS arrives on a moon-sized asteroid orbiting two gas giants. With an amazing view, it’s a chance for The Doctor, Steven and Sara to unwind after their recent adventures.

But they quickly find themselves in the midst of battle – on one side: a familiar group of space-suited soldiers – members of the Space Security Service. On the other: strange, squat aliens in body armour.

Surviving the initial hostilities, The Doctor and his friends discover that the SSS squad is on a terrifying mission. With many lives at stake, they have to venture deep inside the asteroid in search of a hideous weapon. But who can they trust in the battle against these Sontarans?

Written By:Simon Guerrier
Directed By: Lisa Bowerman



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A trailer for this story was released.
The Dalek cameo makes this the fourth audio story to feature both the Daleks and the Sontarans, after The Five Companions, Master of the Daleks and The Eternity Cage.
The Guns of Navarone served as the basis for this story. (The Outliers)

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