The Dominators

The DominatorsThe Dominators


Patrick Troughton is the second Doctor in the remastered soundtrack of this five-part BBC adventure from 1968, with linking narration by Wendy Padbury

“That which threatens us we destroy!”

When the TARDIS deposits The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe on the planet Dulkis, they find it newly threatened by two humanoid aliens and their robotic servants, the Quarks. The Dominators intend to turn the whole planet into a radioactive mass, as fuel for their space fleet.

Whilst The Doctor and Jamie are captured and tested for intelligence by the Dominators, Zoe befriends a native named Cully – and discovers that the pacifist Dulcian Council are unlikely to strike back at the invaders.

Meanwhile, the Dominators set about enslaving the Dulcians as labour for their scheme, drilling bore holes to reach the planet’s core.

Can The Doctor and his friends save both the planet and its people in time?

In an exclusive bonus interview, Wendy Padbury – who played Zoe – recalls the making of the original serial, and talks about her time in Doctor Who generally..

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  • The Dominators was the first story in season six of Doctor Who. Although it was the Dominators who were the titular villains, it was the Quarks who would make appearances in Doctor Who in Comic
  • The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver as a cutting device.
  • Zoe mentions both the Daleks and the Cybermen, hoping that neither will be present on Dulkis.
  • The Doctor has been to Dulkis before
  • There is a periscope in the bunker among the ruins.
  • of the six Comic stories in which Jamie appeared, the Quarks were the enemy in four. Indeed, Quarks were the dominant recurring enemy of the comic Second Doctor’s era. However, the Dominators, portrayed as the “masters” of the Quarks in this serial, never appeared in C.

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