Place of Origin:



The Time Monster

Main Actor:

George Cormack


Dalios was King of Atlantis and the husband of Queen Galleia. He forbade use of the Crystal of Kronos, knowing that it would ultimately doom his people. Claiming to be over five-hundred years old, King Dalios was above the superstitions of his people, being aware of the true nature of Kronos, and was able to resist The Master’s hypnosis with virtually no effort at all.

Galleia had found Dalios to have grown dull over the years and was charmed by the appearance of The Master. The Master, with Galleia’s help, overthrew him. However, one of the guards struck him in the head, and Dalios died shortly afterwards. Upon learning of his death, Galleia turned against The Master now that his promise to her that her husband would not be harmed was betrayed, and she mourned Dalios’s death. Galleia, along with the rest of the Atlanteans, were all killed when Kronos was inevitably loosed on the city, causing its destruction. (The Time Monster)

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