The Dominators


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The Dominators

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First Transmitted

10 August 1968

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Regular Cast

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Wendy Padbury (Zoe)

Guest Cast

Ronald Allen (Rago), Kenneth Ives (Toba), Arthur Cox (Cully), Philip Voss (Wahed) [1], Malcolm Terris (Etnin) [1], Nicolette Pendrell (Tolata) [1], Felicity Gibson (Kando), Giles Block (Teel), Johnson Bayly (Balan) [1-4], John Hicks, Gary Smith, Freddie Wilson [2-5] (Quarks), Sheila Grant (Quark Voices), Walter Fitzgerald (Senex) [2-4], John Cross, Ronald Mansell (Council Members) [2-4], Alan Gerrard (Bovem) [2-4], Brian Cant (Tensa) [3-4].


Written by Norman Ashby
Directed by Morris Barry
Produced by Peter Bryant


The Dominators, self-acclaimed masters of the ten galaxies, and their robot servants, the Quarks, arrive on the planet Dulkis with cruel and evil intentions as The Doctor and his friends touch down for a “peaceful holiday”. Life is about to change dramatically for the pacifist Dulcians who, with no weapons on their planet, soon become enslaved to the Dominators.

The fight is on! The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe join a handful of determined Dulcians bent on outwitting the Quarks and struggling to escape the violent brutality of the Dominators.

But the whole planet is doomed to become a mass of radioactive material – fuel for the enemy’s invasion fleet whose war mission will spread even to Earth unless The Doctor can devise an infallible plan


  • The Quarks were created as an attempt to create a monster with the same merchandising potential as the popular Daleks.
  • The pacifist Dulcians were originally conceived as a satire on the 1960s hippie subculture. This serial was originally composed of six episodes, but it was deemed too short of content and reduced to five at the last minute.
  • Producer Peter Bryant ordered Haisman and Lincoln to abandon writing the sixth episode and script or Derrick Sherwin rewrote the fifth episode to provide a conclusion.
  • Haisman and Lincoln were not informed of this, or of the BBC’s merchandising of the Quarks, which led to their refusal to write for the series again. Subsequently an additional episode had to be penned for the following The Mind Robber, making that story five parts.
  • This story, along with “The Mind Robber” and the Third Doctor story “The Daemons” are the only serials to be made up of 5 episodes. Episode 3 had no on-screen episode number caption. Arthur Cox, who played Cully, went on to play Mr Henderson in the 2010 episode The Eleventh Hour

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