The Enemy of the World


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The Enemy of the World

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First Transmitted

23 December 1967

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Regular Cast

Patrick Troughton (Dr Who), Frazer Hines (Jamie), Debbie Watling (Victoria)

Guest Cast

Henry Stamper (Anton) [1], Rhys McConnochie (Rod) [1], Simon Cain (Curly) [1], Mary Peach (Astrid), Bill Kerr (Giles Kent), Colin Douglas (Donald Bruce), Milton Johns (Benik) [2-6], George Pravda (Denes) [2-3], David Nettheim (Fedorin) [2-3], Carmen Munroe (Fariah) [2-4], Gordon Faith [2-3], Elliott Cairness [4-6] (Guard Captains) [2-3], Bill Lyons (Guard on Denes) [3], Reg Lye (Griffin the Chef) [3], Andrew Staines (Sergeant to Benik) [4], Bob Anderson (Fighting Guard) [4], William McGuirk (Guard in Corridor) [4-6], Christopher Burgess (Swann) [4-6], Adam Verney (Colin) [4-6], Margaret Hickey (Mary) [4-6], Dibbs Mather (Guard in Caravan) [5].


Written by David Whittaker
Directed by Barry Letts
Produced by Innes Lloyd


No sooner have The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria landed on a sun-kissed Australian beach than they are being shot at by murderous fanatics! A dramatic helicopter rescue places them in the hands of Astrid Ferrier and Giles Kent, two people intent on bringing about the downfall of the world’s most dangerous man – who happens to look exactly like The Doctor.
This is Earth in the near future, and Salamander’s Sun-Catcher technology has been hailed as the answer to all the world’s food problems. Yet is there more to his prediction of natural disasters than meets the eye? Could it be that the death and destruction which he appears to foretell is in fact of his own creation? Jamie and Victoria infiltrate Salamander’s Hungarian palace to gain proof of his misdeeds, whilst The Doctor must impersonate the dictator in order to stay alive. In doing so he witnesses the might of his brutish regime, and discovers the terrible secret which lurks beneath the Kanowa research centre.

One of the time travellers’ most dangerous adventures ever takes place against a backdrop of volcanos and earthquakes, deadly high-speed chases, assassination attempts and spectacular explosions. Ultimately it will lead them to a climactic confrontation between The Doctor and his murderous double…


  • Patrick Troughton is credited as ‘Dr. Who/Salamander’ for Episodes 2 to 6. He also appears as Salamander in a 35mm film sequence in Episode 1, but is credited only as ‘Dr. Who’. Radio Times credits ‘Patrick Troughton as Dr. Who and Salamander’ for Episodes 2 to 6, while the actual cast lists – which cr the characters in order of appearance – bill Patrick Troughton only as ‘Dr. Who’ for Episodes 1 and 6, and as both ‘Dr. Who’ and ‘Salamander’ (separate billings) for Episodes 2 to 5.
  • This marks the second time that a doppelganger of the Doctorhas been featured (giving the lead actor a dual role), following William Hartnell’s double performance as the
  • First Doctor and the Abbot of Amboise in The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve.
  • Footage of Jamie and Victoria from episode three appears in the flashback sequence in Resurrection of the Daleks.
  • Patrick Troughton’s son David appears as an extra in Episodes 5 and 6.
  • Neither Deborah Watling nor Frazer Hines appear in Episode 4, as they were on holiday the week it was recorded.
  • This is the final story overseen by producer Innes Lloyd.
  • Episode 3 marked the first use of 625-line videotape in Doctor Who, as opposed to the old 405-line standard.
  • For the week of transmission of Episode 5, Doctor Who featured – in full colour for the first time – on the front cover of Radio Times (cover dated: 20-26 January 1968): a head-and-shoulders shot of Patrick Troughton as The Doctor examining a control panel, which was taken from the previous story, The Ice Warriors. This was used to introduce a two-page colour behind-the-scenes article in the centre pages entitled The Monstrous World of Doctor Who, written by Gay Search, which opened with the following introductory paragraph:” Daleks, Cybermen, Yetis, Ice Warriors – familiar monster guaranteed to chill the blood of anyone over the age of ten. But where do they come from? Who dreams them up? How are they made? How do they work? We sent Gay Search to find out…”
  • In addition to the origins of the aforementioned monsters, the article not only looked at the creation of the seaweed monster from the forthcoming story Fury from the Deep but also looked at the roles of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the BBC’s Visual Effects Department in bringing The Doctor’s enemies to life – as well as featuring a brief interview with the Head of the BBC’s Visual Effects Department, Jack Kine.
  • Episode 6 of the Enemy of the World ends with a trailer promoting the next story, The Web of Fear. The trailer featured specially shot footage of the Doctorin the London Underground talking to the audience about the impending return of the Yeti in the next story, before fleeing as said creatures begin chasing him. As Episode 6 is one of those that are no longer in the BBC Archives, this unique trailer is also considered lost although it survives on audi
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